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■ - : - 





Life Lines 

Come to the fields with me, 
just this once more; 
come fly your kite with me, 
before, separate, we shall ourselves soar. 

Then part friends. 

farewell, but not goodbye, 
a lifeline do lend 

as we take to the sky. 

May you and I both soar far, my friend: 
rejoice in the breeze, 
weather the storms, 

and climb high above the trees. 

And if so occurs, hopes held high, 
Our breezes should cross 

and our paths intertwine, 
Then, you and I can return to the fields, 
and once more laugh and play 

for as long as the wind yields. 

Dana Biscotti 






We the class of 1987 have chosen to dedicate our yearbook 
to Carla Parker. Carla has been an integral part of the college 
community for over ten years. Originally working in the busi- 
ness office, she transferred to the Campus Center nine years 
ago. She has held the position of schedular/secretary since 

Carla's personal involvements in our school include: being the 
advisor for Kappa Omicron, a National Affiliated Sorority, be- 
ing an active member of the Television Production Club as well 
as being a student pursuing her Bachelors of Arts degree in 

Carla and her husband Norman have a beautiful little daugh- 
ter, Marissa. They make their home in Clarksburg, Massachu- 

Carla. we have chosen to dedicate our yearbook to you, to 
say '"thank you." Thank you for taking care of so many of our 
needs. Thank you for answering so many of our questions. 
Thank you, Carla, for just being there. Your friendliness, viva- 
cious personality, and hard work have not gone unnoticed nor 

The Class of 1987 




come fly your kite with me, 








Then part friends, 

a lifeline do lend, 

May you and I both soar far, my friend: rejoice in the 

weather the storms, 
and climb high above the trees. 

And if so occurs, hopes held 

and our paths intertwine, 


Then you and I can return to the fields, 

and once more laugh and play 

for as long as the wind 





President Catherine A. Tisinger 

Officers Of Administration 

SEATED (L to R): L. Connor, R. Maust, S. Seavey, E. Downey. STANDING: J. Cozzaglio, M. Fuqua, R. Bishoff, 
D. Honcman, R. Kalisz, P. Prendergast, H. Evans, T. Jones, (missing): S. Long. 


Physical Education 


L to R): W. Mahoney, B. Fuhrmann, K. Kolakowski. (missing): V. Davis (L to R): F. Cardillo, W. Turner, R. Shrewcraft, S. Getchell. (miss- 
ing): P. Mowbray 


SEATED (L to R): H. Brotzman, J. Smosky. STANDING: 
P. Humora, C.B. Hellquist, D. MacKenzie. F. Johns 

Business Administration and Economics 

Hi 111 I 

(L to R): P. Markou; chairman, H. Goetsch, R. Yanow, A. HajiAuifh 

B. Croteau 

0» T|.« S 


(L to R): N. Ovitsky, J. Moriarty, E. Kendall 

(L to R): L. Poneman, D. Wardle 

(L to R): R. Buckley, J. DeLucia, E. Miano 

(L to R): S. Grant, R. Zomorrodian 


(L to R): D. Levine, J. Hess, M. Sobol 

Computer Science 

SEATED (L to R): P. Allmaker, B 
Smith, E. Giagrande. STANDING: W. 
Spezeski, L. Adelson. (missing): P. Du- 
quette, A. Guertin 


SEATED (L to R): N. McCloud, R. Sleeman, M. Pederciney, C. Downy. STANDING: H. Redl, R. Chartock. A. Mail-Hort. 
J. Tewksbury, J. Conklin, S. Hillman, W. Minardi, K. Cash 


SEATED (L to R): M Ta 
maya, M Horsman. chair 
person, S BatMtt, v 
lu.uf. H Elder, E Schiff 
A Bartini. D Washburn 
B Bishoff. PI, 
Langston, M Miller 



Modern Languages 

(L to R): E. Shiff, A. Nicastro, J. Carlson 


(L to R): H. Combs, S. Thomas, E. Melville 


(L to R): K. Hall, C. Billings, R. Taskin, D. Connerton, R. Hansis, R. Bence 



(L to R): R. Frost, R. Hendal, J. Jordan, R. Fresis, M. Band, 
(missing) G. Gloster 

SITTING (L to R): J. Zagota, A. Terryberry STANDING: P. 
Coleman. S. Kemner (missinoi (1 I pw'ik. 


STANDING (L to R): S. Clark. 
P. Tero, T. Jay SEATED: W. An- 
derson, J. May 


(L to R): S. Gomez, A. Sullivan, A. Allmaker, M. Sillman 


SEATED: D. Killam STANDING (L to R): C. Condaris. J 
Roy, J. LePage 


SEATED (L to R): M. Ethier. M. 
Whitney, S. Colligan STANDING: 
M. Seider, S. Green, L. Paolillo 
(missing): L Vadnais, L. Leavitt. R 



«t * KICK! 






m um u m m 






Donna D. Adams 


Daniel W. Addison 


Peter J. Adzima Jr. 

Interdisciplinary Studies 

Thomas R. Auclair 

Daniel E. Auth 

Cara Ann Barbieri 

English /Comm unica tions 




Susan Simonne Bazin 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Stephen Michael Berard 

English /Comm unica tions 

Michele L. Beusee 


James Scott Bingley 


Richard C. Bonetti 

Business Administration 

Lawrence Biondo 


Dana Christine Biscotti 

English /Comm unica tions 

Terence M. Boots 


Julie G. Borne 

Business Administration 

William J. Bo wen 


William Brante Jr. 

Business Administration 

James A. Brivn 
BusltH H Administration 

Timothy G. Brown 

Computer Science 

Francis M. Burrage 


Mitchelle Bury 

Business Administration 

Kenneth Darin Butcher 

Computer Science 

Alison B. Cameron 

English /Comm unica tions 

Paula Marie Canniff 

Business Administration 

Lisa Ann Carey 


Scott Car on 

English /Comm unica tions 

Susan Carrick 

Business Administration 


Linda Carson 

Early Childhood Education 

Mark Milan Cesnek 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Jeffrey Alan Chandler 

Business Administration 

Laurie Anne Christensen 

Business Administration 

Lisa Dawn Christiano 

English /Communica tions 

Colleen Marie Clonan 

Elementary Education 

Stephen Michael Coffey 

English /Comm unica tions 

Kristin Marie Connolly 


Barbara T. COBB 


Mike Conway 

Business Administration 

Judith Ann Cooper 

Business Administration 

Mary-Jo Cormier 


Cheryl Ann Courtney 

Business Administration 

Thomas E. Cronin 

Business Administration 

Kelly Anne Curran 

Early Childhood Education 

Richard Paul Dalrymple 

Business Administration 

Elisa R. D'Arconte 

English /Communications 

Jean Dardinski 

English /Comm unica tions 

Lisa A. Decensi 


Paul E. DeChario 

Business Administration 

Joseph John DeLuca III 

Business Administration 

Anne Marie Delucia 


Paul E. Degnan 

English /Comm unica tions 

Sheryl -\/j/j DcM.trco 

Karen A. DeRosa 

English /Comm unica tions 

Elise Marie Desnoyers 


Jean Marie Differ 


Paula Jean DiNicola 

Business Administration 

Michael B. doCurral 

Business Administration 

Maureen Geralyn Doherty 

English /Communications 

John Thomas Dougherty 

Business Administration 

Stuart Francis Downer Jr. 

English /Comm unica tions 

Kurt Andrew Doyle 

English /Comm unica tions 

Tammy T. Doyle 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Karen Elizabeth Duda 


Julie Ann Dunn 

Business Administration 

Gilbert C. Dustin 

Business Administration 

Anita Anne Dwyer 

English /Communica tions 

Jeffrey Earle 


Jill I. Edelman 

Business Administration 

Maria Anne Eksuzian 

Business Administr^tu m 

ft \ I ///s 


Deborah L. Elwell 

Computer Science 
Business Administration 

Dawn English 

Elementary Education 

Gary Todd Espenhain 

Business Administration 

Wendy Anne Eveleth 

Elementary Education 

Peter E. Faber 

Business Administration 

Robert J. Fahey 

Business Administration 

David L. Fay 

Business Administration 

Deborah Gail Fei 

Early Childhood Education 

Sally Ann Fennessey 

Business Administration 

William J. Fitzgerald 

Business Administration 

Richard James Fitzpatrick 

Business Administration 

Joseph Patrick Flynn 

English /Comm unica tions 

Karyn Louise Flynn 

English /Communica tions 

Christopher P. Foley 

English /Comm unica tions 

Jennifer Fole 



Holly B. Healey Foucher 


Thomas Paul Francis 

Business Administration 

Christophti I'rattasio 

John A. Free ley 


Lisa Ann Gagliano 


Randall D. Garland 

Business Administration 

Peter M. Gentile 

English /Comm unica tions 

Susan E. Golrick 

Business Administration 

Jonathan Goldstein 

English /Communica tions 

Louise B. Green 


David Gerard Grenache 


v. A 




m wflHl 

" 1 L 

Heidi Caroline Griesemer 

Business Administration 

Sharon Lynn Hafferty 


Eileen Anne Hannan 

English /Comm unica tions 

Sheri Marie Hanson 

Business Administration 

Jean Thelma Harnden 

Business Administration 

Dana-Lyn R. Hartley 


Monica Marie Hartman 

Business Administration 

James D. Hayden Jr. 

Business Administration 

Michelle Rene Healy 

Business Administrate >n 

Carolyn I . I let i tin 


Mary Elizabeth Heavey 

Business Administration 

Kimberly A. Heller 


Erin Herlihy 

English /Comm unica tions 

William David Higgins 


Steven M. Houde 


Stephanie Houllahan 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Marcia Jean Hutchings 

Business Administration 

Brian L. Jackson 

Business Administration 

Jeffrey Jervah 

Business Administration 

William Putman Johnson 

English /Comm unica tions 

Bettina Traudel Jones 

Business Administration 

Raef E. Jones 

Business Administration 

Kevin Brooks Kelly 

Business Administration 

Lisa Ann Kenney 


Peter Koshi\ 
English /Con imunu 

Elizabeth M. Koza 


Karen Elaine Krajcik 

Business Administration 

Karen A. Krawczyk 

Business Administration 

Renee Marie Labrecque 

Business Administration 

Timothy John Lannan 

Elementary Education 

Allan R. Lave lie 
Business Administration 

Kenneth J. LeBlanc 

Business Administration 

Shelley A. Lemaire 

Early Childhood Education 

Kristin Anne Letendre 

English /Comm unica tions 

Tamara Lewis 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

John D. Ley don 

Business Administration 

Marcia Anne Lincoln 

English /Comm unica tions 

Susan Jean Lindsay 

Business Administration 

Arnold F. Love ring 

Business Administration 

Faye Marie Linquata 


Wendy Ludovico 

Early Childhood Education 

Karen Marie Lipski 

Middle School Education 

Thomas David Lynch Jr. 
English Communh 

Michael Joseph MacLean 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Richard Allan MacLean 

English /Comm unica tions 

Matthew Ross MacWilliam 

Business Administration 

Elizabeth A. Malone 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Lisa Ann Marquis 

English /Communica tions 

Denise L. Martin 


Lori T. Martin 


Robert Jay Martin 

Business Administration 

Christopher Jon Mattoon 

Business Administration 


Judey Ann McGinnis 


James Monahan McGowan 

English /Comm unica tions 

Tracy L. Mcllwrath 

Business Administration 


Kevin Michael McKenna 

Business Administration 

Richard James McPhee 

Business Administration 

Michael J. McQueeney 

Business Administration 

Sandra L. Meianson 

Early Childhood Education 

Christina Leonie Melville 


Amiie.i ,/«-.m Miehmid 

Business Administration 

Michael B. Middleton 


Michelle D. Middleton 

Business Administration 

Anne Marie Elizabeth Minnucci 


Elizabeth F. Morris 

Business Administration 

Emily A. Morris 

Early Childhood Education 

Karen Anne Morris 

Early Childhood Education 

Lori Anne Morse 

Business Administration 

Leanne Murdock 

English /Comm unica tions 

Michael D. Murphy 



Walter James Myette 

English /Comm unica tions 

Jan P. Myskowski 

English /Comm unica tions 

Bettina M. Nadeau 

Business Administration 

Fadi G. Nejaime 

Computer Science 

Michael David Matthew Nicklaw 

Business Administration 

Richard Russell Noel 

Computer Science 

Susan E. Noyes 

Business Administration 

Kathleen Alice O'Brien 

Business Administration 

Patricia Anne O'Brien 

English /Communuwt 

Stephen O'Brien 


MichaJe Charles Ovitt 

Business Administration 

Elizabeth Ann O'Keefe 


Lucie I. Parenteau 

Computer Science 

Peter A. O'Neill 

Computer Science 

Brian Edward Perry 

Business Administration 

Terri J. Piantoni 

Business Administration 

Andrew Englund Pierce 

Business Administration 

Mary L. Polastri 



Jeffrey Thomas Pratt 

Business Administration 

Cheryl H. Price 


Paul Quigley 

English /Communica tions 

Richard J. Quintan 

English /Comm unica tions 

Patricia A. Quinn 

Computer Science 

Donald Joseph Renaud 

Computer Science 

Karen M. Reynolds 

Business Administration 

Rose Robart 

Elementary Education 

Virginia Mac Roberta 

English Commune 


Kimberly Ann Rochford 

English /Communica tions 

Gregory Thomas Rondeau 

Business Administration 

Robert Scott Round 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Howard A. Samel 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Keith H. Sampson 

Business Administration 

Maryanne Elizabeth Santelli 


Regina Louise Saracino 

Business Administration 

Christine Lisa Sarkisian 

Business Administration 

Laura Ann Savina 


Marsha M. Shenck 

Claire I. Schramm 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Doug Shultz 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Mark A. Sennott 

Business Administration 

Judith Ann Shaffer 

English /Comm unica tions 

Laurie J. Shannon 


Dwayne Anthony Sharpy 

Business Administration 

Jennifer S. Sherman 

Business Administration 

Linda Susan Shottts 

Laurie J. Siivia 

English /Comm unica tions 

Gale Simm 

Business Administration 

Loraine Frances Simmons 

English /Comm unica tions 

Karen Elizabeth Smith 

Busin ess A dministra tion 

Karen Louise Snow 

Early Childhood Education 

Jill M. Snyder 


David E. Steiner 

English /Comm unica tions 

Tracey Anne Stingley 

Business Administration 

Christina Lowell Swain 

Middle School Education 

Tracy Sweeney 


Georgia I. Swett 


Diane L. Talios 

Business Administration 

Bryan Charles Tardif 


Mark H. Tashjian 


Bin \dminlstr6tion 

Cynthia Thomas 


Diane M. Tietgens 

Early Childhood Education 

Theresa M. Towne 

Early Childhood Education 

Pamela Joyce Troy 

Business Administration 

Joan Marie Tuberosa 

English /Comm unica tions 

Colby A. Tuttle 

Business Administration 

Eligio Valdes Jr. 


Tammy Lynn Verock 

English /Communica tions 

Stephen Harrison Villett 


Maria Tina Vinciguerra 

English /Comm unica tions 

Lisa Anne Wagner 


Karen Frances Walsh 


Amy H. Ward 


Colin S. Ward 


Mark A. Warner 

Business Administration 

Barbette Ann Warren 

English /Communica tions 

Atsuko Wa tana be 


Kimberly Ann Webster 
Business Administration 

Roberta W. Weitzler 

English /Comm unica tions 

Richard F. Whitaker 

English /Comm unica tions 

Virginia L. Wohler 

Business Administration 

Robbin L. Woikin 


Catherine Grace Wright 


Judith Marie Zanelli 

Business Administration 

Laurel Anne Wightman 

Medical Technology /Biology 

Jeffrey W. Ell 

Computer Science 

Charlene I Isaacson 

Medical Technology 

Our apologies to Charlene Isaacson for placing her portrait out of sequence 
The '87 Yearbook Staff 


Nancy Asaley 

Computer Science 

Thomas Gordon Bailey 

Business Administration 

Lisa M. Balestracci 


David F. Barry 

Business Administration 

Suzanne Elizabeth Bartlett 

Computer Science 


Linda Michele Bassick 

Early Childhood Education 

Tracy Elizabeth Beats 

English /Communications 

Stephanie L. Bean 

English /Communications 

Linda S. Belanger 

Middle School I. duca/ion 

Rita Marie Belanger 


Peter M. Benbenek 

Computer Science 


Ann M. Blast 


Thomas W. Bourgoln 

Business Administration 

Jonathan A. Brasler 

Computer Science 

Stephen R. Brlckett 

Business Administration 

Richard Paul Brown 

Engllsh/Communic. i lions 


Patricia Marie Bruce 

Business Administration 

William A. Brule 


Tammy Joan Burnham 

Business Administration 

.Linn L. Cammarata 

Elementary Education 

Paul Roderick Campbell 

Business Administration 

Lisa Mogavero Candelet 


Brian F. Carter 

English /Com munica tions 

Karen Lynn Carver 


Rosalyn Cavallaro 


Lee Ann Chap in 


Gwen Oakes Connolly 

Business Administration 

Mary Coughlin 

English /Communications 

Sean Michael Cowhlg 

Interdisciplinary stu. 

Robin A. Damte 

English /Communication* 

Kathleen F. Degnan 

Michelle DesMe'iles 

William I />.wn ./, 

Catherine A. Dionne 

Business Admin is t rati 

Daniel Bruce Dunbar 

Middle School Eclucat 

Paul Berkley Shannon Fberth 

Business Adr mstiar 

Jeffrey W. I II 

Computer >\ ence 

Monika Schmellng Filer 


Linda H. Engle 

Business Admmist 

llene Lisa Farrington 

Michael E. Faulkner 
Computer Selene, 
Robert S. Fltlgerald 
Business -\drnu 
John /> / lUpatrick. 
.':.;- i mmur. 
Mark i Iteming 

\. 'tration 

I /. ki I 

Barbara J I . - 

Robert J. Fat 

John I'aln, k I l an: 

DtHli. latin la I in-. 

Stephen I 

A my E. Gallivan 


Janet E. Gately 


James W. Gelinas 


Robert Gilbert 

Business Administration 

Heather M. Giovannacci 


Ruth S. Glick 

English/ Comm unica tions 

Betty Lou Grady-Tower 


James Gardiner Green 

Computer Science 

Barbara Ann Greim 

Business Administration 

MaryEllen Groccia 


Ara Hagopian 

Business Administration 

Terence Jay Hanley 


Kelly A. Hansen 

Business Administration 

Mark Hanson 

Business Administration 

Mary Lorraine Hatcher 


Jeffrey Samuel Haycock 

English /Comm unica tions 

Mary L. Hibbard 

Elementary Education 

Robert Lawrence Hie key 

Business Administration 

Michael James Hobert 

Business Administration 

Robert Scot Home 

Computer Science 

Edward Harry Hutch 

Business Administration 

James Richard Jachowicz 

English /Comm unica tions 

Matthew A. Jones 
Medical Technology 
Sharon M. h'arlin 
Elementary Education 
Carol A. Keen 
Middle School Education 
Joseph M. Kelley Jr. 
English /Communica tions 
Thomas John Kennedy 
Business Administration 
James Patrick Kenney 
Business Administration 
Lori Marilyn Kenyon 

Jean M. Keohane 

Susan Stone Kersevich 
Norah J. Kirchner 
Business Administration 
Sally J. Koenlg 
Business Administration 
Gerald Wayne Kowlski Jr. 
Computer Science 

Gary Stephen Krol 

Business Administration 

Mary M. Lamb 


Gregory R. LaMontagne 

Business Administration 

Karen Lee Larsen 


Lisa Jeanne Lauretano 


Thomas P. Leary 


Kathleen M. Levesque 

Computer Science 

Denise Anne Linskey 

Elementary Education 

Susan M. Long 

Business Administration 

Karen A. Macdonald 

Business Administration 

Michael R. Maggelet 


Kenneth Daniel Mahar 


Lee Ann Manning 


Charles S. Martin 

English /Comm unica tions 

Sandra Sue Streeter Martindale 

Business Administration 

John M. Massimiano 


Gary E. McAndrews 

Business Administration 

Edmund Snow McCormack 

English /Comm unica tions 

William G. Mcllwrath Jr. 


James Brian Mclntyre 


Helen McLellan 

Elementary Education 

Frederick D. Meczywor 

Computer Science 

Patrick D. Melia 

English /Communications 

Barbara Mills 

Early Childhood Education 

Peter Mirante 

Business Administration 

Richard Anthony Monteleone 

Computer Science 

Timothy Clark Montgomery 

Computer Science 

Charlene S. Moody-Durant 


Peter John Morris 


Steven A. Mull an 


Melanie Towne Murphy 

Medical Technology 

Michael Joseph Norton 


Stephen Norton 

Medical Technology 

Brian Dennis O'Connell 

Business Administration 

Susan Marie Oliminski 


John Joseph Pasquale 

Business A dministration 

John Francis Pitts 


Kenneth Paul Player 
Business Administration 
Ran dell James Poirier 
Business Administration 
John Mark Porter 
Business Administration 
Ricardo Hector Quarti 

Robert Georges Rabil 
Computer Science 
Anthony B. Raimer 
Business Administration 
Jean Ann Rice 
English /Comm unica tions 
Ronald W. Rice 

Diane E. Robbins 

Business Administration 

William R. Robinson 

English /Comm unica tions 

Jennifer Rood 


Stephen Paul Rourke 

Business Administration 

Lisa Marie Ryan 

Computer Science 

Timothy Ryan 


Jamie R. Scalese 

Business Administration 

Cristina Tina Scalet 

English /Communica tions 

Diane Shambo 

Early Childhood Education 

Daniel Paul Sherman 


Cheryl Ann Kasala Smith 


Lawrence R. Snyder 

Business Administration 

Jayne Elizabeth Stanley 

Early Childhood Education 

Peter A. Steeves 


Andrew Thacher Stewart 

Business Administration 

Thomas Adair Stewart 

Business Administration 

Barbara Ellen Stoddard 

English /Communica tions 

Mary Elizabeth Sugden 


John F. Sullivan Jr. 

English/Communications .' 

Laurie E. Sullivan 

English /Communica tions 

Mark Thomas Sulliva, 

Computer Science 

Stephen O. Sutton 


Cheryl Ann Table 

Business Administration 

Steven K. Teto 

Business Administration 

Jeffrey J. Thomas 

English /Communica tions 

Bonnie Jean Turpin 

Elementary Education 

Susan Ann Valliere 

Elementary Education 

Jon M. Vanuni 

Elementary Education 

Thomas Anthony Viscuso 

Business Administration 

Beth B. Wallin 


Robert J. Webb 

Business Administration 

Scott D. Weller 


Kurt G. Wenzel III 


Raymond J. Wholly III 


Stephen D. Waiter 

Business Administration 

Laurel Anne Wightman 

Dyan Wiley 
Interdisciplinary Studies 
Kevin William Winslow 
Business Administration 
Tina L. Wright 
Elementary Education 
Brenda J. Yovan 



Living off-campus is the last step most of us take before leaving NASC. 
An off-campus apartment is the closest experience students get to living 
in the "real world" without actually leaving the secure little villa where 
the median age of the residents in a four-block area is 20! 

Necessities for off-campus liv- 
ing are: 

*A secret place to park your car 
"Loud stereo 

"Fridge stocked with beer and 
pantry stocked with peanut but- 

"NESN on cable 
'Electric blanket 
"Window shades and throw rugs 



»*7 ,Si «B . 




» V,' ## 

•v f 


\ ~* r # El 




A?* *■ 


Living in the Townhouse Apartments is a different ex- 
perience for each resident. We have the luxury of 
choosing our own roommates and the apartment loca- 
tion. The privacy and freedom is wonderful, and just 
as a unique identity was created on each suite or floor, 
each apartment reflects the lifestyle of the room- 
mates. It's easy to become friends with your neighbors 
in the Townhouse too. 


tSff* — 




, - — 

' 1 t* 

/ ^k 



i^^h^ ~vr* 




~ "^s. ►,» ■•' 

"* 1 

k r 


» 1 








m- ■ t -*^ 

fegfc ' 

- _nr 

4 nJ 


-.-. v 

kv \ 


Welcome to the residence halls! The experiences in Hoo- 
sac Hall and the Berkshire Towers are the first for us 
as students new at living away from home in a co-ed 
dorm. The rivalry which develops between the two hall 
is traditional. Residents from Hoosac say "I'd never want 
to live in the Towers," and Towers residents say, "I'd 
never swap with Hoosac!" The personality of each hall 
changes every year as the bare walls and empty halls 
transform to the lifestyle of the residents. Strangers be- 
comes friends and the adaption to college life at NASC 


- A # 









Front Row: K. Sheils, B. Kelley, T. O'Donnell, J. Pratt, A. Dias, B. Harlow, J. Doughtery, G. Dustin, M. Kemp, B. 
Maher, B. Johnson, S. Dougherty, M. Masone, C. McDermott (Asst. Coach). Back Row: R. Shewcraft (Head Coach), 
R. Braguo (Asst, Coach), W. Randall, J. Scott, M. Manon, M. Sheil, D. Turco, S. White, B. Arrighi, R. Froio, G. Cortell, 
K. Sampson, J. Moulison, L. Shottes (Manager), L. Shannon (Trainer). 


The 1986 Mohawk men's soccer team on 
again had a banner year. Their final record 
was 13-4-3. The season was highlighted by 
a 2-0 victory over arch-rival Salem State. Sa- 
lem was ranked #1 in New England going into 
this game. The victory gave the Mohawks a 
share of the conference championship and a 
trip to the NCAA Division III tournament. It 
marked their fifth NCAA season tournament. 

Junior tri-captain Brian Harlow was named 
MVP for the third season and was named to 
the First Team Division III All New England 
team. Junior Bassem Maher was the team's 
leading scorer with 29 points. The senior 
standouts were John Doherty, Keith Samp- 
son and Jeff Pratt. 

Head Coach Ron Shewcraft was named Met- 
ropolitan Life Division III New England Col- 
lege Coach of the Year. His career record is 

Keith Sampson goes airborne after Castleton State opponent hits the ball with 
his head. Wayne Randall (24) gets ready to take possession of the ball. 

Mohawk goalkeeper boots the ball with a high kick. 


The Lady Mohawks finished up the 1986 sea- 
son with a respectable 5-9-3 record, which 
I "was certainly acceptable for a second year 
team," says coach Sue Getchell. 

Senior co-captains Karen Krawczyk and 
Tracy Mcllwrath lead the squad throughout 
it's rainy season. Offensive standouts were 
Jackie Wilson, Kathy Waite, Keri Whipple, 
and Debbie Budrow. Defensive keys were 
Sheila Marti and Sue Giangrande. Kris Le- 
tendre ended the list of seniors. 

Giangrande was voted a member of the Na- 
tional Soccer Coaches of America All New 
England second team. This honor was unique 
because no other MASCAC school was repre- 

Coach Getchell is optimistic about the future 
of NASC Women's Soccer and believes next 
year's will be quite a team. 

FRONT ROW: Co-captains K. Krawczyk. T. Mcllwrath. KNEELING: D. Sheils, C. Orthman, S. Marti, J. Wilson. S. 
Cahill, L. Monti, L. Murphy, I. Diandrade. STANDING: Coach Sue Getchell, Asst Coach Ray Acosta, K. Whipple. 
J. O'Brien, K. Bergstrom, K. Nejamie, D. Budrow, D. Caro, K. Reese, S. Giangrande, S. Horgan. Asst. Coach Tony 
Manderson. MISSING: K. Letendre, H. Hardy, K. Waite. 


The 1986 edition of the Mohawk Men's Tennis 
team continued a Berkshire tradition by capturing 
their fourth MASCAC title in their last five years. 
Freshman addition Scott Goodrich (13-7) com- 
bined with sophomore Dave Thuma (7-2) to sur- 
prise many opponents who were expecting a Mo- 
hawk squad in need of rebuilding. 

The 'Hawks got off to a slow start in the month 
of September, losing four out of six; however one 
of their victories was a resounding blow to MAS- 
CAC arch-rival Salem State (7-2). The Blue & 
Gold proved they were the team to beat in Octo- 
ber as Westfield State was their only formidable 
MASCAC opponent. The 'Hawks squeaked by 
the Owl, 5-4. 

Senior Captains Jim Gelinas (4-4) and Tim Ken- 
nedy helped to build the Mohawk team for the fu- 



Marie O'Sullivan, Anne-Marie Minnucci (captain), Linda Rammer, and Pam McHue 

The Lady Mohawk Tennis Team fought their 
way through another rough season attributed 
mainly to their lack of experience. Senior 
Captain Anne-Marie Minnucci, flanked by 
sophomore senasation Marie O'Sullivan (11- 
7) led the team to four victories. 

The Lady 'Hawks came together near the 
end of the season to win their last three, in- 
cluding a 9-0 pounding of the College of St. 
Rose. Linda Rammer was the work horse of 
the squad, participating in some 20 matches 
during the 1 1 game season. Sophomore Jack- 
ie Peach (6-2) and Freshman Kelly Hart (8-8) 
will help carry the Lady 'Hawks into the fu- 


Coach S. Gomez, Seniors: Ted Hutch, Tom Auclair 

Strong individual running for the women 
highlighted NASC Cross Country in 

Leading the women was sophomore 
Cheryl Doucette, who in her first season 
running for the Lady 'Hawks, placed 
first for the team in every race; including 
a remarkable fifth-place finish at the Al- 
bany Invitational. 

Senior Co-captain Tom Auclair led the 
men to a disappointing 2-3 season. The 
men never seemed to gel as a unit, and 
the team lost two of their top five runners 
early in the season. 

Highlights of the men's season-opening 
rout of Castleton State, a victory against 
Mass. Maritime and a solid showing at 
the ECAC tournament at SUNY at Stony 
Brook. Auclair earned the MVP award 
from his fellow run Coach Sam Gomez 

said his Lady 'Hawks" . . . were pion- 
eers; they were loyal, disciplined, and 
they trained." He speculated that Dou- 
cette could qualify for the NCAA cross- 
country championships next year. 


Ted, Peter, Fernando and Eric practice for their races on a sunny October afternoon on Ashland 


The '86 Volleyball team experi- 
enced a rebuilding year. With only 
four returning players and the re- 
mainder being very young, they 
faced a tough schedule. The team 
has excellent potential, however, for 
future seasons. This was seen in 
their near-victories with four Divi- 
sion I teams. Being a Division III 
team, the Lady Hawks certainly 
have that to look forward to; espe- 
cially with the lack of available Div. 
Ill teams to play. 

; ront Row: Capt. K. Walsh. Back Row: Coach M. Whitney, P. Parquette, P. Rutter, J. Spinelli, S. Houde. K. Riley, K. Stec, 
S. Gaulin. 

Kris makes another super effort. 

Paula takes a dive for thi- livim 


Back Row: A. Minnucci, D. Millert.'T. Paranto, D. Edwards, B. Martin, B. Fitzgerald, B. Perry, T. Cronin, B. Alexander, 
K. Plankey, D. Mendoza, B. Hamilton, R. Marjanski, B. Roarty, P. Bledsoe, J. Nixon, B. Cavanaugh. Front Row: Asst, 
Coach P. O'Parowski, Head Coach J. Quattrocchi, Asst. Coach J. Moriarty. 

In what can only be described as a true "rai 
to riches" story, the North Adams State Col- 
lege men's basketball team has rebounded 
from last year's 3-21 season all the way to 
college basketball's "promised land" as they 
have captured the Mass State Athletic Con- 
ference and landed an NCAA Division III 
tournament bid. 

In only his second year as head coach, John 
Quattrocchi guided North Adams to a 20-4 
overall record while winning 11 of 12 confer- 
ence contests. Two losses were in overtime 
to highly regarded Williams College and pe- 
rennial power SUNY at Old Westbury. The 
men enjoyed a ten game winning streak and 
were victorious in 17 of their last 18 games.. 

Key players were freshmen Bernard Alexan- 
der and Phillip Bledsoe, and seniors Tom Cro- 
nin, Bob Martin, Brian Perry, and Bill Fitz- 


The '86-'87 Lady Hawks faced a tough re- 
building season this year. With Eileen Han- 
non and Cheryl Price being the only seniors 
on the squad, they missed the much needed 
experience necessary for a successful season. 

Offensive standouts were Nora Hartigan, 
Sue Palladino, Bonnie Cameron, Sue Gian- 
grande, and Kathy Waite. These women put 
in a tough season, but they certainly reaped 
many personal rewards. 

The team sported a 3-19 overall record and 
1-11 in MASCAC. Next year's team will have 
their work cut out for them to achieve a .500 

FRONT ROW (L to R): Eileen Hannan, Nora Hartigan, Sue Palladino, Cheryl Price. BACK ROW (L to R) 
Coach Jim Borowski, Kathy Waite, Gail Bonenfant, Mary Peters, Sue Giangrande, Deirdre Rice, Bonnie 

Cameron, Asst. Coach Linda Hubley. 

Lady Hawks in a spill 

Resting after a tough game 


The 1986-87 North Adams State hockey 
team ended their season with a 13-16 
overall record, 10-16 in ECAC and 4-1 
in MASCAC. The Mohawks were led by 
their top line of Sean McGonagle, Mike 
Devaney and Pat Haswell. The trio com- 
bined for 121 points. The men had a 
tough Winter Study, losing their first sev- 
en games to move their record to 7-13. 
The Mohawks won their next four begin- 
ning with a 4-3 overtime win against Col- 
by College. 

Improving their record to 11-13, the 
team was still alive for a playoff bid, hop- 
ing to sweep their remaining five games. 
A tough 8-1 loss to UCONN shattered 
their playoff hopes. The icemen went on 
to win two of their last four games to fin- 
ish with a respectable record. 

Front Row: M. Pasic, B. Ventura, D. McDonough, S. Caron, B. Dickinson, J. Goldstein, S. Downer, J. Couturier, 

C. Hertel. Middle: Trainer J. Shanley, R. Pasic, J. Hingston, M. Nordman, D. Grava, P. Haswell, J. Shaughnessy, 
M. Mullen, G. Peters, Coach B. Turner. Back: Statistician J. Hayes, R. Bolduc, J. Moody, D. Briones, S. Johnson, 

D. Rennie, M. Devaney, S. McGonagle, Manager R. Card. 

Mohawk iceman makes a drive toward the goal. 

Mohawk forward Sean McGonagle lays a check on a Fitchburg Pig-pile between the goalposts in NASC vs. Fitchburg State game. 

State player. 



1st Row: S. McMahon, K. Carmody, B. Fitzpatrick (Tri-Capt's). 2nd Row: 
V. Mastramgelo, D. Fields, G. Dillard, J. Abraham, M. Shaw, J. Malzone, 
R. Steeves. 3rd Row: C. J. Price (Trainer), S. Shields. B. Bersett, S. Swail, 
T. Hohmann, C. Barbarotta, T. Hennessey, W. Soares, K. J. Wallis, B. Rucin- 
ski. 4th Row: T. Destino, T. Rizzo, C. Smith, M. Casey (Ass't Coach), G. Bean, 
V. Hart, J. Sondrini, P. Mchale, Coach Zavattaro 

The Mohawk Baseball team clinched their third straight 
MASCAC title after adding a 12 game winning streak to their 
list of accomplishments. Coach Zavattaro called the win over 
Westfield "the most amazing thing I've seen in my 24 years 
as head coach at NASC." as they were down 16-2 with 2 
innings left and scored 17 dramatic runs, with the Owls an- 
swering only with 2 more for a final score of 1 9- 1 8. RPI ended 
their winning streak 9-5, but the team continued its bid to- 
ward a possible NCAA tournament by sweeping the S.E. 
Mass Corsairs 6-5 & 12-5. 


1st Row: L. Shannon, B. Malone, H. Giovannacci (Tri-Capt's) 
2nd Row: Coach Cardillo, L. Papas (Manager), C. Trembly, P. 
Daughdrill, A. Munnuci (Trainer) 3rd Row: D. Quinn, P. Arm- 
strong, S. Giagrande, D. Koski, D. Cook, C. Sulak, D. Beridino, 
J. Wehlan, S. Horgan 

The Lady 'Hawk softball team ended their season brightly with a sweep 
over the Williams Ephs, 11-8 and 6-4. The record was improved to 13- 
35. Pitcher Traci Callahan allowed only 1 walk and 8 hits. Seniors Beth 
Malone and Laurie Shannon blasted homeruns, with Shannon batting 
4 for 4 and Gumby 3 for 4. Callahan's ERA was 4.40. First baseman 
Sheila Horgan summed up the season by saying "Thank God we ended 
with a couple of wins." 






Intramural Director 

George Galli 




Intramural Assistant 

For the past 10 years, close to 80 percent 
of the student community has participated in 
at least one I-M program offering. The in- 
volved students say that participation in in- 
tramurals is one of the best ways to make 
friends on campus. We especially hope the i 
I-M program has played a positive role in ' 
your experience here. We often hear of I-M 
teams holding reunions to rekindle old 
friendships, and this is what makes our jobs 
so enjoyable. 

Thank-you and best wishes. 

Intramurals became part of our lives the mo- 
ment we set foot on campus. We were intro- 
duced to the program by orientation leaders) 
in the summer and by R.A.'s in the fall. Once 
settled into the dormitory, the infamous floor 
teams were formed and we were headed for 
fun! From soccer and softball to floor hockey 
and basketball, there was always something 
for everyone! 

Jeanne Filiault 

I-M STAFF: BACK ROW (L to R): Steve Coffey, Pete Lounsbury, Bill Brunell, Dan Jewette, Steve Sutton, Kevin Kelley. FRONT 
ROW (L to R): Kim DeMaura, Karen Krawczyk, Deb Budrow, and Jim DeNucio. 



Senior year was the important year. We had to prove we could bring 
home that championship one more time; that we could be the best 
in our final attempt - when it really counts; to retire as champions. 

Beta's Steve Coffey did it with a bang in softball. "Coff" set a new 
batting record (.923) but this couldn't carry the Beta A team to a ban- 
ner. It was the Pines' John Potter who pitched a perfect game to beat 
Beta out of the playoffs, and lead the undefeated team to a victory 
over the newly formed all-senior Yellow House. 

The Funti bunch met the challenge in the women's division as they 
finished the season with a 6-0-1 mark, beating Miscellaneous in the 
finals. Luckey Lambda beat the Pines women, 13-1. 

Indoor Soccer 

The Yellow House faired much better as they went 7-0-1. beating Beta 
Buffaloes, 2-1 in the finals. Beta's A team ran into the Umbros and 
Tony Manderson in their A division finals, Manderson, an alumnus of 
the varsity team, scored two of his team's goals. 

The Pearl Necklaces returned to the soccer finals again and beat the 
Pines B team in a shut-out. Meanwhile, the Bushmen fell to the Pines 
C team. With the close of the fall team sports, the upstart Yellow 
House led the overall point race, ahead of both frats. In Women's Divi- 
sion, the Irish Rovers miraculously led the overall point race. 

Floor Hockey and Water Polo 

Traditional water polo started out the Intramural water sports season in November. 
No women teams entered rosters, so the men got to battle out alone this year. The 
Yellow House and Haas Machine captured "A" and "B" divisions, respectively. 

Floor Hockey also opened up in November. The men's and women's teams fought 
valiantly up until Winter Break, and the pace resumed in January for the start of 
Spring Semester. The men's league saw The Alcoholics, the Yellow House, the Puck- 
Offs, and Off win their divisional championship games. In women's league action, the 
Beachballs defeated the Irish Rovers, and Miscellaneous shut out Pines girls in their 
championship games. 

February saw the start of co-ed water polo in inner-tubes. This "relaxed" atmosphere 
contributed to the friendly competition between rival teams. The Yellow House once 
again were champs in the "A" Division with their victory over the Cudas, the Haas 
Machine won the B Division. 

\I fe 




Once again, volleyball proved to be an exciting year-end 
sport for Intramurals. A great way to vent end-of-the-se- 
mester frustrations, volleyball's 15 point/ 15 minute 
games provided a much-needed study break during late- 
afternoon/early evening game times. Great competition 
and fun was found throughout all divisions of co-ed play. 


The I-M hoop playoffs began with great action and 
excitement as teams battled to claim the name, 
"We're Number 1". 

In the Men's A semi-final action, State defeated 
the Faculty 41-33 behind the strong play of Rich 
Dalrymple and Sean McCarthy. With the Faculty 
leading in the first half, Dalrymple and McCarthy 
caught on fire in the second half to lead their team 
to victory. High scorer for the faculty was Jim 
Moriarty, who tossed in 10 points. 

In other Men's A semi-final action, Pines A defeat- 
ed the Hoyas 55-32. Leading the way for the 
Pines was Todd Seigel, who tossed in 13 points 
and went 5-8 from the line. 

In Women's 1 action, the Rowdies crushed the 
Pines 37-14. The Rowdies offense was provided 
by Kathy Stec and Sue Bartlett. 

In other Women's 1 action, the Doylettes blew by 
Pretty In Pink 14-8. Leading the Doylettes was 
Karen Krajcik and Julie Borne. 

In Men's B-l action, Team Adidas, led by Stacey 
Scott, shut down the Haas Machine 44-31. 

In Men's B-2, Shellshock squeaked by the Yellow 
House 25-21. Steve Sutton led the Yellow House 
with 11 points. The Firehouse defeated Beta A 
23-16 behind the strong play of Doug Mackier. 




1. Scott Johnson 

2. Steve Groppi 

3. Sean Lynch 

4. Tom Donahue 

5. Chris Vieria 


Stacy Home 
Michelle Picard 
Rachele Reese 
Jackie Roberge 
Colleen Clonan 




* Stacy Scott of Team Adidas was this year's basketball scoring king with a total of 97 points. 

* Only four teams finished the season with perfect records. The Men's team's were State and Team 
Adidas and the Women's teams were the Rowdies and the Terminators. 


Senior awards arc special awards given to seniors for unusual contributions to the 1-M Program. These awards have 
both a touch of humor and a dash of seriousness. — ■ 

y Ding-A-Ling Song 

ayne Gretsky 

here is he now? 

aby Face 

13 is *1 

11 Around 

earn Player 

volved Transfer 

etired Supervisor's Club 

[Coach of the Year 

MVA (Most Valuable Armenian) 

Where's the Oxygen? 

Mr. Hangover (WJJW) 

Pun and Gun 

uman Airplane 

an of the Year 

on't Wanna Play Today 'Cause I 
Just Washed My Hair 

ardest Serve 

uck Stopper 

andyman of the Year 


he Tallest of Trees 

arlboro Man *.. 

etired Mohawks 

fficials of the Year 

ring Home the "Bacon" 
Longer Bridesmaids .. 
Local Yokels 
Bundle of Enthusiasm 
Something Different . 

Special "K" 

Nancy Lopez 


Felix Linger 

"RA" of the Year 
Whirling Dervish 
Student Affairs Currier 
Three's Company 

I Don't Get "No" Respect 

Soccer Rule Book Trivia 

Boss Lady 
Iflny Hooter 

s Golden 
Love Winter Study 
Scrub "A Dub-Dub" 

lti' Have All the Players 
p "Of The Year" 
Bill Roge 

What a Pair Or Unpair"? 
Condemned But Not Forgotten 
Tom Auclair 
Odd Couple 
All World 
Change of Image 
Mr. Cosmopolitan 
Watch That Temper 
Missing Persons Bulletin 
I Love To Converse With Officials 
Helpful Hanck 




Kevin McKenna 

Mark Tashian 

ive Rogeifl 

rian Dawson 

Tom Cronin. Bob Martin. Brian Perry 

Mark Cesnek, Beth Malone 

Jeff Thomas. Gtaa Carestia 

Rich Dalrymple 

Kart Doyle, Renee Labrecque/fceye Valley 
El Fitzgerald 

Christine SaflBron 

Raef Jones 

Joe Flynn 

Jude McCarthy 

Fran Barrage 

Jon Goldstein, Kim Borruord 


er Giovanui 
L)u.... Bisc 
Jeff Hayco 

Alison Cameron 
.. Cara Barbieri 

Brian Dickinson 

George Lawson 

Rob Hawley 

Jeff Phillips 

jL,.. Greg Lamontagne 

Mike Skidmore, Rich Quinlan 

... Jay Sullivan, Cheryl Price 

Tom Auclair 

Randy Garland, Marc Sennott, Bill Brandt 

E£l£I Mjrante, Heather Giov^nucci 



Tim Kennedy 

Jill Edelman 

Paul Degnan 

Jeff Ell 

Mary Heavey 
y Shaeffer, Mary Polastri 

.. Steve Fullerton 

een Clonan, Maureen Doherty, 
Robbin Wolkin 

Dan Auth 

Don Renaud 

Tracy Sweeney 

Laurie Shannon 

Mike McQueeney 

Joan Tuberosa 

Mike Nicklaw 

. Karen Walsh 


Ted Hutch 

Paula Canniff. Julie Borne 

E J. Berardi. Mike Conway, Larry Biondo 

Bill Higgins 

Jeff Jervah. Pete Leibowici 

Dan Morgan 

John P 

Marc Levesque 
v tl Ellis 

Linda S l 



♦ ♦ ♦ « 

•* .- 

* *i*+*umm 



& J J* J* J* J* « 




Dan Auth 
Tom Cronin 
Brian Dawson 
Paul Degnan 
John Dougherty 
Bill Fitzgerald 
Mike Lindsey 
Bob Martin 
Wally Myette 
Mike Ovitt 
Brian Perry 
Stephen Sutton 

Paula Canniff 
Colleen Clonan 
MaryJo Cormier 

aureen Doherty 
y Doyle 
Dana-Lyn Hartley 
Emily Morj 

ibbin Wolkin 





Student Program Board 

BACK ROW (L to R): Glenn Cassis - Advisor, Michelle Capano - secretary, Heather Wright, Paula "Razz" Randazza, 
Brian Foxx, Becky George and Dan Addison. FRONT ROW: Suzy Wilson, Don Gauthier, and Terri Piantonni - chairper- 
son. MISSING FROM PHOTO: Dr. Joe Ebiware • faculty member and Bob O'Brien • V.P. of Student Government 

The most visible and consistently successful 
event sponsored by the Student Program 
Board is the weekly Friday Afternoon Club. 
The entertainment, food and decorations of 
each FAC, related to a chosen theme kept 
the event interesting. 

But FAC's were not the SPB's only responsi- 
bility. The 12 member board was designed 
to bring cultural, intellectual and social 
events to campus, so it responded to the chal- 
lenge by bringing many diverse events here. 
Included in the list were lectures by Curtis Sli- 
wa, founder of the Guardian Angels, ex- 
moonie Steve Hassan and a car literacy work- 
shop. We enjoyed a variety of musical events 
such as Jazz on the Quad in September, two 
outstanding concerts by singer/composer/ 
musician Gref Freenway and the ever-popu- 
lar Dr. Foxx Lip Sync Contest with two-time 
champs Peter Leibowitz and Jeff Jervah and 
their rendition of Meatloaf's "Paradise by the 
Dashboard Light". 

The Winter Carnival hayride, 8th Annual 
Pubtalent Show, movies, a beach party 
dance and student vs. faculty donkey-basket- 
ball rounded out the year's events. 


The Campus Center Council was active both 
semesters as sponsors of numerous educa- 
tional and entertaining events. Two blood 
drives and the MDA Superdance directly 
helped the community outside of NASC. 
Hypnotist James Mapes, Tarot Card reader 
Adam Piner, a caricature artist and computer 
portrait sales have become favorite CCC ac- 
tivities. The CCC sponsored many dances, 
such as "Back To School" dance in Septem- 
ber, the Winter Carnival Ball (with SPB) and 
the famous "Platters". Trent Arterberry 
brought his Mime Theatre to Venable Hall, 
and the Rocky Horror Picture Show satisfied 
the rowdy student instinct. 

Pub events included a series of comedy nights 
and a pie eating contest, Star Makers let the 
audience ham it up by recording a top 40 hit 
on a cassette to take home after the show. 

None of these and other enjoyable events 
sponsored by the CCC would have happened 
without the team effort by council members 
and their individual initiative needed to follow 
through with the preparations for each activi- 

BACK ROW (L to R): Eligio Valdes, Carol Sfarzo, Ann Mari Walsh, Ronnie Razzano, Glenn Cassis - Advisor. FRONT 
ROW: Marijo Russell - administration member, Peter Koshivos, Jill Snyder, Mary Coughlin - chairperson. MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Cara Barbiere, Reggie Jenkins, Laurie Silvia - secretary, Sharron Sprague - administration member, 
and Roverta Weitzler. 


FRONT (L to R): M. Polastri, J. DeLuca, Advisor - B. Caprari, M. Rumsey, B. Orsi BACK: K. Kelly, S. Cahalane, 
C. Birch, G. Espenhain 

The Pub Committee, made up of 8 members and 
2 alternates, worked hard in the 1986-87 year 
sponsoring dances and fun events that raised 
money for each class. 

Along with special drink nights and dances, the 
Pub Committee also put out a monthly newsletter 
and advertised all Pub events. 

In the last six years the revenues from the Pub 
Committee sponsored dances has earned over 12- 
thousand dollars for NASC's Student body. A to- 
tal of 37 dances have been held since the 1981- 
82 school year. 

Kevin Kelly and Bill Orsi co-chaired the commit- 
tee with Gary Espenhain, Sue Ginolfi, S: 
Houde, Mary Polastri and Joe DeLuca working 
hard. Alternates Mike Rumsey and Chris Birch 
were also helpful members. 



< ) 



FALL STAFF, Front Row: L. Sullivan, Advisor P. LeSage, B. Mcllwrath, R. Quinlan, 
S. Valley, T. Auclair, M. Doherty, P. Canniff, C. Corbett, F. Maia, K. Flynn, B. Carter, 
J. Russo, D. Hobin. Back Row: A. Dias, S. Coffey, J. McGowan. Not in photo: J. Barnes, 
K. DeRosa, K. Doyle, S. Horgan, W. Myette, B. Tardif. 

The student-run college newspaper The Beacon, has a unique 
hold on campus simply because 98% of the college coummun- 
ity reads it weekly. The Beacon has developed rapidly 
throughout the past year and a half due to a large staff of news- 
writers, senior editors and new technology. 

SPRING STAFF, Front Row: S. Horgan, S. Valley, F. Maia, D. Hobin, B. Mcllwrath, 
M. Denning, M. Harthon, K. Lang, D. Still, J. Russo, Advisor P. LeSage. Back Row: 
J. Diaz, C. Moriarty, R. Quinlan, R. Dray, S. Coffey, T. Auclair, B. Carter, K. Bey Not | 
in photo: J. Botsch. 

The 1986-87 newspapers will be remembered for the contro- 
versial editorials, large and numerous photos, and coverage of 
events such as: two NCAA games for men's soccer and basket- 
ball, NASC student's experience living in Nicaragua and a mov- 
ing report on a child-abuse lecture. 

WJJW 91.1 FM 

• — ■ ■ 

The 1986-87 academic was a success for 
WJJW for many reasons. It was the year of 
moving toward stereo and for an unprece- 
dented fundraiser amounting to over $3,500 
and an estimated $15,000 worth of equip- 
ment donated, which helped refurbish the 
station. WJJW, 91.9FM Stereo, will continue 
to grow and serve the college and the commu- 
nity of North Adams, Massachusetts. With a 
strong management and staff ready to begin 
for the years to come, there's no telling what 
good things could happen. 


Back Row: Executive Board: T. Jello - Production Manager, M. Angelli - Program Director/Sol-Staff Coordinator, C. 
Larson - Music Director, M. Mulgrew - Publicity Coordinator, J. Flynn - General Manager, K. Gould - Production Manager, 
P. Willey - Chief Engineer, R. Taskin - Faculty Advisor, J. Hinkle - Chief Announcer. 2nd Row: A. Groves, S. Odiorne, 
S. Gilmartin, J. Barnes, J. O'Donnell, C. Sullivan, S. Paquette. 3rd Row: T. Szabo, G. Odstrchel, G. Plancon, M. Andrews, 
M. Hsu, D. Stoll, M. Bales. 4th Row: S. Miles, C. Tyburski, T. Endyke, D. Monahan, R. Brown, J. Glynn. 


Front (1 to r): C. Darcy, M. Andrews, S. Steele, J. O'Donnell, Middle: D. Biscotti (production coordinator), 
E. Herlihy (secretary), M. Lincoln (public relations). Back: K. Letendre (treasurer), D. Steiner (president), 
R. Claffie, P. Gentile (vice president) L. Musanti, J. Regan. Standing: Advisor J. Ebiware. Missing from 
the photo, Technical advisor, N. Bombadier. 


The NASC TV club offers 
both a creativity fun outlet 
as well as hands on experi- 
ence in the communica- 
tions field. Its major proj- 
ects include Lip Match, stu- 
dent produced and per- 
formed Lip Sync Videos; 
and Berkshire Magazine, a 
bi-monthly community in- 
terest program airing over 
local cable. 

The club also offers field 
trips to relevant TV sta- 
tions or production facili- 
ties and sponsors speakers 
from the communications 
field, each semester. 

The clus is open to all ma- 
jors and welcomes any stu- 
dent interested in having 
fun while also learning in a 
non-classroom atmo- 

The Dance and Fitness Club provided a healthy outlet for women and men students, both physically and mentally The club sponsored fitness and dance alternative weekends 
for students. Aerobic, ballet and jazz classes were offered several days a week Hand painted club t shirts were sold to raise money and the thtee dollar yearly I.', 
facilities was one of the best bargains available on campus all year. 

Officers Kathleen Finn, president; Stacy Oxenhorn, vice president; Fatlma Maia, s.i ratal} .in.) K.u.n 1 Ipald, treasurer, also taught da***f along with other -.indent teacher-. 
Pam Troy, Karen Larsen, Caroline Heavern, Erin Lowney, Sandra Vernaglla and Lou M.utm Jenny BlrW ol the Berkshire Dance llu-atcr t.ui.iht 

So whether It was preseason aerobic conditioning for varsity hockey players, Investigative reporting by a BEACON sports report*! M i d*Jl) I • n»ss & 

Dance Club provided a challenge for all abilities. 

1 OS 


The Weightlifting Club was open to all students who were serious about lifting weights and wanted a free weight 
room where they could work out alone or with other students doing the same program. It is non-competitive and 
members trained for individual conditioning and increased strength. An indication of the popularity of the club is 
that membership was 140 strong this year. 


The Outing Club gives students at NASC an opportunity to learn outdoor skills and provides members with equipment 
so they can take advantage of what the Berkshires and surrounding areas have to offer the adventuresome. Equipment 
for such activities as canoeing, camping, cross country skiing, rock climbing and spelunking (cave exploring) can be 
borrowed for weekend trips. But, by far, the most popular Outing Club event is the annual Yahoo Fest. 



SENIORS: K. McKenna, M. Nicklace, T. Johnson, P. Degan, T. Francis, B. Keefe, P. Faber, B. Bowen, D. Fay President; 
K. Little, Advisor; G. Lawson, Vice President; B. Sherman. 

Ruggers get 'Hootered' in 
season opener 

Beacon - 4/16/87: 

The 'Hawks lost its season opener to a more experi- 
enced Hudson Valley Wild Hooters team. 

In the first of two games, the 'Hawks lost by an over- 
whelming score of 48-10. "Their scrum was a lot bigger 
than ours," said Peter Faber. "They were stronger and 
pushed us all over the field." 

At halftime, they were down 24-10, but they didn't 
give up easily. "The game was closer than the score 
indicated," said advisor Glenn Lawson. "We hung 
tough." Supplying the scoring for the team were Fab- 
er, who tallied twice, and Tom Sherman, who connect- 
ed one out of two conversions. 

Ken Little, club president, said, "The biggest problem 
was that we were so out of shape. We've only been 
practicing on grass for a week, and I think that really 
hurt us." 


It has been a banner year for the MSS and 
a successful semester for President Dana 
Kendall. Activities such as a bake sale, 
dances, and poet Nikki Giovanni were pop- 
ular campus events. 

The goal of the MSS executive board and 
their members is to make the campus so- 
cially better for minorities. Kendall feels 
the successful events are signs that the 
MSS is being recognized positively. 

The executive board consists of Dana Ken- 
dall (president), Geurda Hyppolite (vice 
president), Gordon Dillard (treasurer), Re- 
gine Cazeau (secretary), and Christian Reis 
(man of arms). The other 35 members are 
volunteers. All involved enjoy being a part 
of an organization that accomplishes so 

The four advisors are Glenn Cassis, Joe Eb- 
iware, Kriner Cash and Mitchell West. 

BACK ROW (L to R): Dr. Joseph Ebiware, Christian Reis, Shanta Wilson, Michael Cambell, Luis Babosa, Jerome Jackson, 
and Glen Cassis. FRONT ROW: Dana Kendall, Charlotte Mitchell, Regine Cazeau, Guerda Hyppolite, and Mitchell West. 


KNEELING: Coach Gail Grandchamp. (L to R): Tim Keefe, Joe Regan, and Tim Galvin 

The Boxing Club, led by female boxer and 
coach Gail Grandchamp for the past three 
years, is looking stronger than ever. This yeai 
three NASC boxers were selected to spar ir 
the Golden Glove Boxing Tournament in Hoi 
yoke, Massachusetts. 

"NASC went for the gold and got it," saic 
coach Grandchamp. "First time the club ear 
ned trophies and we brought home two sil 
vers and a gold." 

Boxers must spar for 5 consecutive Saturday 
night bouts in Holyoke. Tim Keefe, the club': 
treasurer, won the gold trophy while presi 
dent Tim Galvin and secretary Joe Regar 
brought home the silvers. 

However, boxing in competition is not thi 
sole purpose of the club. Members come fo 
conditioning and to learn some self-defense 

Throughout the year, the club has benefitte< 
45 members with the skill of the boxer Grand 


L to R): P. Colpoys, J. O'Donnell; treas., C. Sullivan, T. Vecchi, J. Alexander, Father M. Twohig, 
<. O'Brien; v. pres., L. Collins; sec, Missing: A. Walsh; president. 

The Newman Association is a gathering of 
Catholic Christian students who come to- 
gether as a community of friends to share 
their faith in Christ. It is open to all students 
at NASC interested in the Catholic experi- 
ence. Its fundamental purposes are: to pro- 
vide Sunday liturgy on campus; to nurture 
the faith of believers through instruction 
and group discussion; to witness and share 
the Christian life through social gatherings 
and projects sponsored by the Association; 
and to provide meaningful ministerial 
opportunities for students. 

This past year the Newman Association 
sponsored such projects as: the Thanks- 
giving Canned Food Drive; a series of pop- 
ular movies; Young Life, a support group 
for North Adams youngsters; Elderly Ser- 
vices and the annual Spring Picnic. Weekly 
collections from Sunday Mass in The Pub 
benefited the on-going efforts to help the 
Desab Village in Haiti. 


FRONT (L to R): D. DeGregorio, S. Cabal. in«, G Sullivan, D NtchlncUo, S. Pf*M M1DP1 I D GtUthto, I K.-nm- 
Kaczynski; president, T. Vroman, S. Pick, S. Wilson. BACK: L Fn-iViu ... J G.mhmii. ti,\wii.i. K I M Cipann. 

S. Hillary, E. Lavoie, STANDING: S. Davis, B. O'Bru'n, vu,' pi. sul, nt. K W II mman. J I VI ma. J 

Schaffer, J. Edelman, A. Pierce, M. Polastn. a visitor, P Paqutttt, S Ryan MISSING 1 PUntOfU, P * K Rlkty 


FRONT (L to R): Editors: S. Horgan, R. Labrecque, K. Letendre, P. Canniff, M. Do- 
herty, (missing): J. Flynn. MIDDLE: K. O'Brien, M. Heavey, M. Vinciguerra, L. Chris- 
tensen. BACK: G. Espenhain, D. Grenache, S. Goldrick, C. Barbieri, (missing); S. Ellis. 

y " i wi n i 


(L to R): Laurie Christenscn - Treasurer, Mike doCurral • President, Bill Caprari ■ Advisor, and Judy Shaffer ■ Secretary. NOT IN PHOTO: Julie Dunn ■ Vice-President. 


The Greek Council had a very progressive 
1986/87 year. With the addition of a new 
advisor, Ron Hutchinson, the council was 
effective in changing an unclear constitu- 
tion, as well as uniting all six Greek organi- 

December dawned the annual Greek 
Council banquet at the Freight Yard Pub. 
The turn out at the dinner proved to be 
twice as large as in previous years. 

Members of the council include J. McGow- 
an and A. Marchesseault of Pi Upsilon Pi 
Fraternity. J. Tobin and Schmidt ol Beta 
Chi Gamma Fraternity, D. Schult/ and S 
Ellis of Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity Othei 
members include K McCauley and S. 
Carrick of Pi Upsilon Omega Sorority, C 
Capuano and L. Vaillancourt of Kappa 
Omicron Sorority, and S White and D Ni 
chinlello ol the Beta Lambda Sorority. Co- 
advisor to the council is David Mili. 



SENIORS: S. Round, L. Biondo, M. Conway, D. Schultz 

The Kappa Delta Phi fraternity sponsored an 
incredible number of philanthropy projects this 
year - 30 in all, including two blood drives; the 
Alumni phone-a-thon and Bingo at the elderly 
housing complex in N. Adams. At the annual 
national Kappa fraternity and sorority conven- 
tion held at NASC on April 10-12 1987, they 
won the philanthropy award for the sixth con- 
secutive year. 13 schools with Kappa affilia- 
tions attended the convention to promote better 

Kappa frat teams are regular participants in IM 
competition. This year Kappa teams advanced 
to the semi-finals in basketball, hockey and soc- 

President Mike Conway is the stronghold of 
Kappa and V. Pres. E.J. Berardi organizes phi- 
lanthropy projects with Chaplain Historian Pe- 
ter Lounsbury. Other officers are: Treas. - Scott 
Round, Sec. - Steve Bousch, Pledge Master - 
Mike Martinello, Sgt. at Arms - Mike Gadless, 
Alumni Sec. - Rich Dray. 




SENIORS: K. Larsen, W. Eveleth, J. Rood, (missing) K. Krawczyk, G. Roberts 

NASC's nationally affiliated sorority. Kappa Omicron, had a 
very busy, but very successful year. 

The Kappa sorority and fraternity hosted the 1987 National 
Convention at NASC. Besides meeting other Kappa brothers 
and sisters from many different chapters, they were awarded 
the Jeannette M. Collette Award for Philanthropy. Receiving 
this prestigious award was only one part of this successful con- 
vention weekend. 

Omicron's largest philanthropy project of the year was creat- 
ing a Girl Scout Troop Committee. These sisters became troop 
leaders the Girl Scout Troop *160. This project will become 
a tradition for Omicron and their newly adopted Troop *lt>0 
Senior Jenny Rood was instrumental in the success of the proj- 

The sorority was also active in their other traditional pi 
such as; the Red Cross Blood-Drive, the Annual Alumni Phon- 
athon, Special Olympics, Big Brother /Big Sister Hallow tvn 
Party and much more 

Omicron also won the Grand Marshal Award for its float in 
the Fall Foliage Parade and the Bell Ringer's Award from tho 
Salvation Army at Christmas tinu' 

PI UPSILON Pi n x n 

Seniors: S. Ellis, J. "Sparky" Terban, J. McGowan, C. Foley, C. Carley, B. Keefe, R. McPhee 

The Boardman Apartment on the corner of Hoo- 
sac and Montana St. saw a busy year as the Pi 
Upsilon Pi Fraternity pledged, partied, and 
planned their largest philanthropy project of the 
year — the Cystic Fibrosis Run. 

The spacious Boardman porch saw twenty-five 
new brothers pledge in the fall and six in the 
spring. These brothers, old and new, cleaned up 
the overall points as Pines "A" in intramural soc- 
cer, basketball, softball and hockey. 

The Cystic Fibrosis Run went smoothly and raised 
thousands of dollars for the cause on the weekend 
of April 10th. Rich McPhee was busy as chairman 
of the run this year. 

Other strongholds in the fraternity are; Chris Fo- 
ley, whose superb accounting skills made him one 
of the best treasurers, Brian Keefe, who worked 
tough all year organizing events and meetings, 
and Jim McGowan, who was outstanding as Social 
Director in not letting an opportunity go by with- 
out organizing a bash. 

Other officers are: John Potter, President, Brian 
Keefe, Vice President, Rich McPhee, Secretary. 


Seniors: K. Rochford, W. Luduvico (Treasurer), K. Flynn (Secretary), J. Cooper (Vice President), L. Marquis (President), 
C. Sarkisian, (Pledge Mistress), R. Cavallaro (Pledge Mistress), J. McGinnis 


Pi Upsilon Omega celebrated its 6th birthday in 1987 and the sorority wel- 
comed in 18 new sisters as well. 

Each year the sisters of Pi Upsilon Omega work together with their Pine's 
brother to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis with their "Run for Life"; a relay 
from Boston Children's Hospital followed by a fund-raising party. 

Among other things, the Pine's sisters have an adopted little sister in Sri Lanka 
through "Save the Children". They send monthly contributions to pay for her 
medical and educational expenses. 

The sorority also donates time to the Red Cross Blood-drives, the SGA Sam 
Gomez Annual Roadrace and cleaning up the campus. 

Without the strong commitment of the Pi Upsilon Omega sister and extra time 
dedicated by sisters like Lisa Marqui, Susan Carrick and Kathleen McCauley, 
Pines would never be where it is today, a strong sorority with a solid reputa- 
tion. Special thanks to Tara Donnelly the Athletic Director who made a special 
effort to keep up the pride and spirit of Pi Upsilon Omega 


FRONT (L to R): J. Barth, J. Tuberosa; president, T. Sweeney, L. Morse, STANDING: M. LaFlamme, A. Stonis, 
A.M. DeSimone, M. Sheets, T. Breor; treasurer, M. Ryan, P. Bigos; secretary. (MISSING): M. Poastri; vice president, 
S. White, D. Nichiniello, Advisor; B. Croteau. 

The Beta Lambda sorority sponsored suc- 
cessful community events like the United 
Way Spaghetti Dinner, Big Brother/Big Sis- 
ter Easter Party, United Way Children's Fair, 
an Elderly Christmas Party and an ice cold 
dunking booth at Yahoo Fest '87, also to ben- 
efit United Way. 

In return, the sisters have had the satisfaction 
of knowing they have helped the commun- 
ity's elderly and young people. They had an 
enjoyable time at each event with the people 

President Joan Tuberosa said, "All of the sis- 1 
ters in Beta Lambda have contributed im-i 
mensely to the success of the events in which 
the whole sorority was involved." 



SENIORS: S. Valley, S. Coffey, M. Devanney, F. Burrage, T. Salvatore, J. Flynn, M. Gaurasu, K. Doyle, B. Dick- 
ison, T. Kennedy, J. Fitzpatrick, G. McAndrews, B. Jackson, R. Wholley, J. Chandler, J. Hayden, Dan Morgan; 
president, K. Sampson; treasurer. OTHER OFFICERS: D. Ewing; president, D. Adamian; treasurer, S. Schmidt 
& S. Bradshaw; pledgemasters, F. Smith; athletic director, J. Tobin; vice president. 

ne Beta Chi Gamma fraternity was aptly led by presidents Dan Mor- 
in and Dave Ewing; along with treasurers Keith Sampson and Doug 
damian. Beta traditionally participates heavily in all IM sports and 
lis year was no exception. The Frat participated in the Greek Phone- 
ithon, and the Greek Olympics. The Beta Mudfest remains as popu- 
r and outrageous as ever and Roll-A-Keg grossed $1000 for "A 
nild's Wish Come True" organization that finances special family 
'ps for terminally ill children. 

£ta's events brought together not only the frats, but the college com- 
runity at such notorious events as the Fraternity Drink-Off. Most of 
e events allow students to release a lot of steam and have a good 
: ne. Several members stand out as representative of the Beta spirit. 
'ley are Steve Coffey, Scott Schmidt, Scott Bradshaw, Tom Salva- 
ge, and Keith Sampson. 



Accounting Society 
Computer Society 
Education Society 

English Society 
Marketing Society 
sychology lociety 
Spanish Society 
y Interest Group 
hrisljRm Fellowship 
^i Student Organization 
Lacrosse Club 
Nontraditional Student Organization 
Political Science Club 
Ski Club 
Socioloav Club 
Speech and Debate Club 
ORL Council 




The 1986 Parents Weekend was one of the high- 
light events of the 1986-87 academic year. This 
long standing traditional activity was held on one 
of the best weekends in October. 

Shortly after arriving early Saturday morning, 
parents and students visited with academic and 
student affairs departments. Parents had the op- 
portunity to observe some of the fine programs 
offered by the departments at the college. There 
was even an opportunity to use a computer, 
watch slide presentations and purchase plants. 

During the late morning and better part of the af- 
ternoon, parents and students had an opportunity 
to tour the area. Participants visited the television 
studio, rode tour buses to Mt. Greylock and visited 
Heritage State Park and the greater Northern 
Berkshire area. On campus, guests were able to 
watch activities sponsored by student clubs and 
organizations. Groups such as the Boxing Club, 
Fitness Club and Tae Kwon Do conducted lively 
demonstrations. The Motets, Chanticleer and 
Chorale gave great musical performances in The 
Pub. The afternoon activities ended with recep- 
tions in the residence halls. 

Saturday evening was the highlight of Parents 
Weekend. The evening began with cocktails and 
a fantastic sliced beef and shrimp Creole dinner 
prepared and served by ARA Food Service. After 
dinner, parents and students engaged in a wide 
variety of activities. There was a modern vaude- 
ville theatre by the Wright Brothers, a mini-con- 
cert by Carter and Winters and dance band enter- 
tainment by the Knights. If that was not enough, 
the first game of the World Series could be seen 
during the evening. 

Sunday, the final day of Parents Weekend, began 
with an elegant buffet breakfast. Dr. Catherine 
Tisinger, President of NASC, addressed the par- 
ents; and Mayor John Barrett III offered the key 
to the City to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaczynski, par- 
ents of SGA President Michael Kaczynski. The 
1986 Parents Weekend ended with a Mass by Fa- 
ther Michael Twohig. 


An avid listener 


A Halloween celebration at Beacon 
Street, what better place could there 
have been for such an event? It was 
packed and the dance floor was hopping 
with all sorts of creatures dancing for the 
video camera hoping to appear on 
screen and make Beacon Street history. 
There were witches, pumpkins, movie 
stars and cartoon characters, camoflau- 
ged men and women, devils, were- 
wolves, superheroes and supermoms. It 
was a wild night of obnoxious fun be- 
cause everyone could be someone dif- 
fernt at their usual week night watering 


The Red Cross Bloodmobile comes 
to campus once each semester. It is 
a two-day effort on the part of the 
Campus Center Council and the vol- 
unteers to encourage members of 
the college community to donate 
blood. Donors are welcomed by the 
volunteers and friendly nurses who 
understand the nervousness people 

Giving blood takes about an hour 
and sweets are plentiful for those 
who feel like eating. Balloons and 
raffles are new lures. Last Fall the 
Kappa Fraternity and Sorority won 
a pizza party for being an organiza- 
tion to donate the most blood. 
Kappa is also very active as volun- 
teers along with the Beta sisters. 
Other prizes raffled off were gift cer- 
tificates, dinners and tapes. The 
turnout has always been valuable as 
every pint counts. 


Michael Campbell (Hard Coop) sings while Brigit Rice (Mrs. Reed) listens. 

Debbie Mallon shows imagination. 

"Dormer", by Robert Murray, was the fall major production. The play, 
which told the story of the hapless pioneers who became stranded in 
the Sierra Mountains, was staged with props of silk and muslin on a bare 
white stage. "Donner" was NASC's first entry in the American College 
Theatre Festival and placed a first alternate - or eighth out of 53 partici- 
pating colleges and universities in New England. 

Four student actors were singled out for individual achievement and 
were given the chance to audition for acting awards at the Festival re- 
gional in Keene, New Hampshire. "Donner" featured a cast of 21 and 
a large backstage crew. 

Kurt Wenzel and Steve Berard 



College members of the Big Brother/Big Sister were sponsors of a children's 




The Mohawks' winning record kept spirits high at NASC. 










Seniors in their Valentine's Day best danced the night 
away at the Senior Semi-Formal at the Heritage State 
Park Ballroom. Seniors dined on a sumptuous buffet 
as DJ Joe Flynn spun the disks. A limo ride was raffled 
off on WJJW's Hangover Show. Mark Cesnek and Jill 
Edelman, both of the Class of '87, rode in style with 
their dates to the event. All who attended this Valen- 
tine's Day bash had a great time. After all, it's not ev- 
ery day one sees seniors "dress to impress". 

Jill Edelman and Mark Cesnek 


l2 9 


All sorts of games were going on at the 

As usual, half the population of NASC flocked to the sunny 
beaches of tropical paradises. Their destinations included 
such crystal clear water beaches as Bahamas, Cancun, Day- 
tona, and Myrtle Beach. The vacation passed quickly, but 
the memories will last forever. 


3$ im& 




- ' | •; 

* ?v ^B 


• ■ 

. ■ 1 . 

^^^'^S > 

fte 9 I 1 ■ '-2 


^» ■ ' a iJP « 




V ^^^M 

(L to R): Seniors C. Foley, J. McGowan, D. Talios and M. Vinciguerra enjoy a night at The Pub. 





West Side Story, with its mixture of romance and racism, 
is always tough to produce. But this production proved that 
the NASC theatre group can consistently put on a good 
show time and time again. 

The cast was able to portray the racism and violence pres- 
ent in the streets of a large city while convincing the audi- 
ence that true love can also exist in such an environment. 
The double prejudice of the "Americans" vs. the Puerto 
Ricans was intensified because of the surprising romance 
between Maria (Cindy-lu O'Connor) and Tony (Jeff Hay- 
cock). Gang leaders Riff (Rich McPhee) of the Jets and Ber- 
nardo (Harpo Mark LaVersa) of the Sharks, portrayed their 
roles to a tee. The supporting cast of both gangs backed 
up the leads perfectly with singing, dancing, and jokingly 
innocent behavior every time Lt. Schrank (Brian M. Foxx) 
checked out his beat. 

Glad Hand (Anita Dwyer) and Doc (Chris Clark) were well- 
meaning adults whose attempts to reconcile the differences 
between the two gangs were to no avail. Anita (Susan Davis) 
warned Maria that Tony was "one of them," and Anybodys 
(Lori Lovezzola) was the tomboy who strived to be "one 
of them." Only after Tony was killed could the gangs recon- 
cile their differences. Maria's offerings of peace at a mo- 
ment of intense sorrow marked the beginnings of a new un- 
derstand ing. 

The musical pieces by Maria, Tony, Anita, and Riff were 
exceptionally done. The Stage crew, led by Andrew Hoar, 
designed another creative and workable set. Director Bon- 
nie Bishoff can be applauded for presenting another excel- 
lent theatre production. 



The Pub crowd joins in with hand clapping and laughter for Gordie 




■ -*r&\ 


Br \& r iW 



The 7th Annual Pine's Cystic Fibrosis run 
went perfectly this year. 

The run began Friday, April 10th, at 3pm 
in front of the Cystic Fibrosis Research 
Center at the Children's Hospital in Bos- 
ton. The fraternity was broken into three 
groups, the first group started off the rui» 
The second group met the first at 9pm in 
Leominster and the third group met the 
second at 3am in Gill, MA. The entire fra- 
ternity met in North Adams at 1 lam Satur- 
day morning and ran together with a CF 
inflicted youth from Adams. The group ran 
down Hoosac Street with a crowd and a 
47 keg Finale Party waiting. Over 500 peo- 
ple attended the party which raised even 
more money for the cause. 

Group one had had an excellent time on 
the Thursday night before at Aquarius and 
Suisse Chalet Inn in Dorchester. Group two 
worked out at the Living Well Fitness Cen- 
ter all day Friday before running and group 
three slept all day and night on Friday to 
be ready at 3am. 

Chumley O'Leary and Kevin O'Keefe 
were instrumental in getting the party go- 
ing. The two, and the Pi Upsilon Omega 
Sorority, along with other members of the 
frat, stayed home and organized the event. 
Rich McPhee did quite a bit as chairman 
of the run and Advisor Bill Caprari was a 
help to both the fraternity and sorority. 



YAHOO FEST '87 . . . 

^A time for demonstrating super-human strength 

A time for friendly smiles from our men in blue . . > 



A time for an intense game - or daydreams . 

A time for renewing alumni ties . . . 

A time for surprises 

And lots of time for cold bri-ws! 


«^ -:A 





. . . Toward the end of our last week together, our quotient for having a 
good time anyplace and regardless of weather was at an all-time high . . 
. Barbie and C. J. studied their graduation instruction sheet more closely 
than they had studied their textbooks . . . Mmmm, those strawberries and 
whipcream sure went down well with champagne, as Wendy demonstrates 
. . . After a delicious dinner inside the gym, the CC Patio was quickly trans- 
formed into a starlit dance hall. Fresh-cut flowers & citronella candles on 
white table cloths created a unique atmosphere in which to spend time 
with our parents and friends. 




^Dancing and chatting our way to "A New 
Life' > 



Maxine M. Adamczyk 

145 Anson St. 
Chicopee, MA 01020 
Donna D. Adams 
P.O. Box 101 
Cummington, MA 01026 
Daniel W. Addison 
179 Ft. Hill Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Peter J. Adzima Jr. 
211 Ludlow Rd. 
Belchertown, MA 01007 
Nancy J. Asaley 
9 Fordham Rd. 
W. Newton. MA 02165 
Thomas R. Auclair 
89 High St. 

Southbridge. MA 01550 
Daniel E. Auth 
260 Hopkins Place 
Longmeadow, MA 01106 
Thomas G. Bailey 
50 Eleanor Rd. 
Dalton, MA 01226 
Lisa M. Balestracci 

8 Pine Ave. 

North Reading, MA 01864 
Cara A. Barbieri 
26 Laverdure Circle 
Framingham, MA 01701 
David F. Barry 
123 Huntington Rd. 
Hadley, MA 01035 
Suzanne E. Bartlett 
1 Monument Circle 
Hingham, MA 02043 
Linda M. Bassick 
125 Linghill Rd. 
Franklin, MA 02038 
Susan S. Bazin 
545 Mammoth Rd. 
Dracut, MA 01826 
Tracy E. Beals 

9 Garfield St. 

Easthampton, MA 01027 
Stephanie L. Bean 
New Windsor Rd. 
Hinsdale, MA 01235 
Linda S. Belanger 
9 Ocean St.. Rt. 44 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Rita M. Belanger 

2029 Pleasant St. 

Fall River, MA 02723 

Peter M. Benbenek 

610 Water St. 

Williamstown, MA 01267 

Stephen M. Berard 

55 Memorial Dr. 

Feeding Hills. MA 01030 

Michele L. Beusee 

159 Brookline Ave. 

W. Springfield, MA 01089 

James S. Bingley 

30 Harvey Ln. 

Westborough, MA 01581 

Lawrence Biondo 

21 Hampden St. 
Glocester. MA 01930 


Dana C. Biscotti 

7 Wildwood Glen 
Longmeadow, MA 01106 
Patricia L. Bishop 
123 Francis St. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Ann M. Blasi 
72 Liberty St. 
North Adams, MA 02147 
Richard C. Bonetti 
425 Taylor Rd. 
Stow, MA 01775 
Terence M. Boots 
3 Marie Circle 
Burlington, MA 01803 
Julie G. Borne 
R141 Elm St 
Salisbury, MA 01950 
Thomas W. Bourgoin 
20 Oakland Rd. 
Maiden, MA 02148 
William J. Bowen 

3 Champa Rd. 
Billerica, MA 01821 
John R. Bowers 

14 Alfred St. / 

Chicopee, MA 01020 
William A. Brandt 
30 Fletcher St. 
Foxboro, MA 02035 
Jonathan A. Brasier 
19B Orchard Ave. 
Haverhill, MA 01830 
Stephen R. Brickett 
36B Harts Hill 
Wakefield, MA 01880 
Richard P. Brown 
61 Woburn St. 
Lexington, MA 02173 
Timothy G. Brown 
90 Gardner St. 
Groveland, MA 01834 
Patricia M. Bruce 
163 Ann Dr. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
William A. Brule 
87 Holmes Rd. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Francis M. Burrage 
48 Claremont St. 
Wesrfield, MA 01085 
Kenneth D. Butcjier 
16 Elmhurst Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Alison B. Cameron 
58 Palfrey St. 
Watertown, MA 02172 
Jami L. Cammarata 
51 Beaumont Ave. 
ton. MA 02160 
aul R. Campbell 

4 Banbury Ave. 
Waltham, MA 02154 
Lisa M. Candlet 
93 Bay State Rd. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Paula M. Canniff 

8 Westford St. 
Chelmsford, MA 01824 

% «r 



Lisa A. Carey 

9 Coyle Rd. 

Lynn, MA 01905 

Susan Carrick 

15 Argyle St. 

Andover, MA 01810 

Linda E. Carson 

6 Eliot Rd. 

Needham Hts., MA 02194 

Brian F. Carter 

P.O. Box 184 f ' 

E. Brookfield, MA 01515 

Karen L. Carver 

P.O. Box 245 V 4 

Norfolk. MA 02056 

Rosalyn C. Cavallaro 

89 Castlemere Rd 
N. Andover. MA 01M ; 
Mark M. Cesnek 
43 Ridge Rd. 
Holliston, MA 01746 
Jeffrey A. Chandler 
27 Dillon St. 
Pittsfields, MA 01201 
Leanne Chapin 
277 Alder Rd. 
Westwood, MA 02090 
Laurie A. Christensen 
3336 Boston Rd. 
Wilbraham, MA 01095 
Lisa D. Christiano 
6 Deacons Path 
Sandwich, MA 02563 
Colleen M. Clonan 
66 Phillips St. 
Fitchburg, MA 01420 
Stephen M. Coffey 
34 Ames Ct. 
Sharon, MA 02067 
Kristin M. Connolly 
34 Cummings Rd. 
Newton, MA 02159 
Barbara Connors 
6 August Dr. 

Framingham, MA 01701 
Judith A. Cooper 
15 Goosberry Ln. 
Marstons Mills, MA 02648 
Mary-Jo Cormier^* 
18 Lincoln Ln. 
Simsbury, Ct. 06089 
Mary A. Coughlin 
18 Border St. 
Quincy, MA 02171 
Cheryl A. Courtney 
15 Blackinton St. 
Foxboro, MA 02035 
Sean M. Cowhig 
76 Saint Anns Ave. 
Lenox, MA 01240 
Thomas E. Cronin 
171 Belvidere St. 
Springfield, MA 01108 
Kelly A. Curran 
181 Topsfield Rd. 
Boxford, MA 01921 
Robin A. Daiute 
633 Pond St. 
Braintree, MA 02184 



Richard P. Dalrymple 

2 Delta St. 

Hyannis, MA 02601 
Elisa R. D'Arconte 
42 Blackinton St. 

North Adams, MA 01247 
Susan M. Davis 
95 Bracewell Ave. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Brian F. Dawson 
17 Guild Rd. 

Framingham, MA 01701 
Lisa M. DeAngelis 

3 Fifth St. 

Natick, MA 01760 

Stuart F. Downer 

51 Linda Circle 
Marboro, MA 01752 
Kurt A. Doyle 
535 Mattakeesett St. 
Bryantville, MA 02327 
Tammy T. Doyle 
15 Barrington Dr. 
Andover, MA 01810 
Karen E. Duda 
144 River St. 
Agawam, MA 01001 
Daniel B. Dunbar 
40 Kemble St. 
Lenox, MA 01240 

Robert S. Fitzgeral 

404B Andover St. 
North Andover, MA 


Lisa A. Decensi—«% ! 

38 Isabel! St. 

North Adams* MA 01247 

Julie A. Dunn 

16 Pickwick Rd. ^ 

Marblehead, MA 01945 

Paul E. DeChario 

16 Westchester Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Guilbert C. Dustin 
225 Main St. 
Boxford, MA 01921 

Kathleen E. Degnan 

225 Connecticut Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Anita A. Dwyer 

P.O. Box 394 

Brant Rock, MA 02020 

Paul E. Degnan Jill I. Edelma^ 

38 Wentworth Rd. 223 Prospect St. M 
Melrose, MA 02176 Marlboro, MA 01752 

Joseph J. DeLuca III Maria A. Eksuzian 

30 Fernview Ave. 9 Dove St. 

North Andover, AM 01845 Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Sheryl A. DeMarco 

15 Carlgate Rd. 

N. Attleboro, MA 02760 

Jeffrey W. Ell 
34 Wave St. 
Wakefield, MA 01880 

Michael R. DeMorris 

28 Birchwood Ln. 
Westfield, MA 01085 

Monika Eller 

51 Rand St. 

North Adams, MA 01247 

Karen A. DeRosa 

172 Eisenhower Rd 
Coturt, MA 02635 

Scott A. Ellis W^k 

4 Rodgers Circle 

North Reading. MA 01864 

Cynthia A. 

15 Marietta 
North Adam 
Michelle D. 
P.O. Box 31 
Pownal, VT 



^MA 01247 


6, Bannister Hill ^§^m 

Deborah L. Elwell 
East Rd. % m 
A Shaftsbury, VT 05262 
Gary T. Espenhain 

4 Shepard W , 
Canton, MA 02021 

Elise M. De 

91 Smith St. 
Greenfield, ] 


Apt. 201 
4A 01301 

Wendy A. Eveleth 
8 Dattilo Rd. 
Derry, NH 0303M 

William F. 

24 Blakeley 
Lynn, MA 

Devin Jr. 


Peter E. Faher 
5 Conant St 
Acton, MA i 

Jean M. Differ 

22 Donald. Rd. •■■ 
Blllerica, MA 01821 ^ 

Robert J. \ ahey 

SGOHmn.'land I), 
Whitman MA 

Paul ,J. DiNicola 

52 Foote Ave. 

Pittsfield, MA 01201 IjPs. 

Ilene L. Farrington 

k P.O. Box K)2 

Jacksonville, VT 05342 

Catherine A. Dionne ^^ 
23 Royal Ave. 1 
North Adams, MA 01247 

Michael E. Faulkner 
320 Casey Dr 
Chlcop<v. MA 01020 

Michael B. doCurral 

151 Congress St. 
Milford, MA 01757 

David I I ay 

11 Suns.'t A 

North K.,; MA 0] }i 

Maureen G. Doherty 

57 Mount Vernon St. 
North Reading. M£^1864 

Deboi.ih ( . 1 el 
^JF 55 ! ■■', .jtcilow Jj^M 

F^ongmeailuw, MA 01106 

John T. Do 

642 Comme 
Braintree, M 


rcial St. 
A 02184 

Sally A 1 i-nnessey 
46 Culnun Hill Rd. 
4^foncord. MA 01742 


William J. Fitzgerald 

62 RidgeAvay Circle \ 

Springfield, MA 01118 

John D. Fltzpatrick 

P.O. Box 1133 

North Adams, MA 01247 

Richard J. Fltzpatrick 

34 Grove St. 

Natick, MA 01760 

Mark C. Fleming 

72 High St. ^ \ 

Dalton, MA 01226 

Joseph P. Flynn 

18 Chestnut Hill Rd. 

North Oxford, MA 01 

Karyn L. Flynn 

495 Main St. 

Wapole, MA 02081 

Christopher P. Foley 

52 Belair Rd. 

Hingham, MA 02043 

Jennifer Foley 

91 Chestnut St. 

North Reading. MA 01 

Vicki K. Forfa 

106 Pleasant St. 

North Adams, MA 0124 

Barbara J. Foster 

93 Cleveland Ave . Apt 

North Adams, MA 01- 

Holly B. Foucher 

255 Eagle St. 

North Adams, MA 



Robert J. Fox 

121 Pleasantview Dr 
Dalton, MA 01226 
Thomas P. Francis 
102 Cypress St. 
Brookline, MA 02146 
John P. Franz 
4 Home St. 

Springfield, MA 01104 
Christopher Frattasio 
32 Woodland Dr 
Hanover, MA o;' 139 
John A. Freehv 
3 Hillcrest Dr. 
Milford, MA 1 57 
Dodle P. Frit st by 
195 Ferry St 
Lawrence, MA 01841 
Stephen F. I n Norton 
2 Snow Ore I. 

Buzzards B*<. MA 02532 
Lisa A. Gagliano 
P.O. Box 1004 
North Adams. MA 01247 
Susan Gallagher 
65 Larson Rd 
Stoughton, MA 
Amy E. Gallivan 
■770 Midnight Pass Rd 

Randall D. Garland 

101S Hubband Rd 
1 , ■ mon. ME 



Janet E. Gately 

17 Coniston Rd. 
Roslindale, MA 02135 
James W. Gelinas 
302 Grove St. 
Chicopee, MA 01020 
Peter M. Gentile 
P.O. Box 12 

North Adams. MA 01247 
Robert M. Gilbert 
27 Woodard Dr. 
Walpole, MA 02081 
Heather M. Giovannacci 
P.O. Box 426 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Ruth Glick 
11 Michaud Rd. 
Framingham, MA 01701 
Susan E. Goldrick 

32 Eden Rd. 

Framingham, MA 01701 
Jonathan Goldstein 

33 Michael Rd. 
Randolph, MA 02368 
James G. Green 

75 Tower Rd. 
Dalton, MA 01226 
Louise B. Green 
59V 2 Tremont St. 
North Adams, MA 
Barbara A. Greim 
JQCresthill IE 
Brighton, MA 02135 
David G. Grenache 

2 Old Boston Turnpike 
Hubbardston, MA 014 
Heidi C. Griesemer 
152 Main St. 
Hoosick Falls. NY 12090 
Maryellen Groccia 
Stonehill Rd., P.O. Box 282 
Williamstown, MA 01267 
Sharon L. Hafferty 

72 Glover St. 
Southbridge, MA 01550 
Ara Hagopian 

3 Fairmount Ave. 
Wakefield. MA 01880 
Terence J. Hanley 
676 Bernardston Rd. 
Greenfield, MA 01301 
Eileen A. Hannan 
163 Meetinghouse Rd. 
Duxbury, MA 02332 
Kelly A. Hansen 

31 Westover Pkwy. 
Norwood, MA 02062 
Mark I. Hanson 
38 Priest St. 
Hudson, MA 01749 
Sheri M. Hanson 
151 East St. 

Whittinsville, MA 01588 
Jean T. Harnden 
58 Hickory Rd. 
Leominster, MA 01453 
Dana-Lyn R. Hartley 
69 Quails Crossing 
Marion, MA 02738 


Monica Hartman 

2 Nichols St. 
Wakefield, MA 01880 
Mary L. Hatcher 
12 Marsden St. 
Brockton, MA 02402 
Jeffrey S. Haycock 
38 Longfellow Rd. 
Wellesley, MA 02181 
James J. Hayden Jr. 
86 Clinton St. 
Hopkinton, MA 01748 
Michelle R. Healy 
P.O. Box 1754, 55 Lee Rd 
Lenox, MA 01240 
Carolyn F. Heavern 
72 Tufts St. 
Arlington, MA»- I 
Mary E. Heav 
16 Dorothy Rd. 
Sudbury, MA 01776 
Kimberly A. Heller 
Francis St. 

North Adams, MA 01247 
Mary L. Hibbard 
96 Plunkett St. 
Pittsfieid, MA 01201 
Robert L. Hickey 
16 Monmouth St. ^ 
Quincy, MA 02171 
William D. Higgins 
80 Raven Rd. 
Lowell, MA 01852 
Michael J. Hobert 
45 Yale St. 
Holyoke, MA 01040 
Robert S. Home 
10 Agawam Rd. 
Acton, MA 01720 
Steven M. Houde 
185 Orne St. 

N. Attleboro, MA 02760 
Stephanie Houllahan 
15 Amberwood Dr. 
Winchester, MA 01890 
Edward H. Hutch 
89 High St. 

Southbridge, MA 01550 
Marcia J. Hutchings 
7 Orchard Way 
Sandwich, MA 02563 
Charlene I. Isaacson 
12 Wright St.^^^ 
Peabody, MA 01960 
James R. Jachowicz 
45 Freeman St. 
Framingham, MA 01701 
Brian L. Jackson 
7 Wood St. 
Hudson, MA 01749 
Willaim P. Johnson 
32 Country Club Dr. 
S. Yarmouth, MA 02644 
Bettina T. Jones 
973 Bu«t St. 
Tauntari, MA 02780 
Matthew A. Jones 
22 Vicardav Ave. 
Pslmer, MA 01069 


Raef E. Jones 

457 Dipping Hole Rd. 
Wilbraham, MA 01095 
Sharon M. Karlin 
7 Fairfield 

Pittsfieid, MA 01201 
Yoshihiko N. Kawawake 
24 Monroe St. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
William S. Keavany 
125 Marengo Park 
Springfield, MA 01108 
Carol A. Keen 
812 Mohawk Trail 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Joseph M. Kelley Jr. 
97 Standish Rd. 
Watertown, MA 02172 
Kevin B. Kelly 
363 Oldham St. 
Pembroke, MA 02359 
Thomas J. Kennedy 
7 Plum St. 

Gloucester, MA 01930 
James P. Kenney 
9 Williams St. 
Medway, MA 02053 
Lisa A. Kenney 
83R Hobart St-Unit F5 
Danvers, MA 01923 
Lori M. Kenyon 
West Street 

N. Bennington, VT 05257 
Jean M. Keohane 
138 Richland Rd. 
Norwood, MA 02062 
Susan S. Kersevich 
130 Liberty St. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Nora J. Kirchner 
23 Second St. 
Adams, MA 01220 
Peter Koshivos 
15 Defrancesco Circle 
Needham, MA 02192 
Gerald W. Kowalski Jr. 
99 Francis Ave. 
Pittsfieid, MA 01201 
Elizabeth M. Koza 
52 East Quincy St. 
North Adams. MA 01247 
Karen E. Krajcik 
169 Monroe Tpke. 
Trumbull, CT 06611 
Karen A. Krawczyk 
72 Bancroft St. 
Dtacut, MA 01826 
Renee M. Labreque 
28 Mountainview St. 
Chicopee, MA 01020 
Gregory R. Lamontagne 
35 Orchard St. 
Greenfield, MA 01301 
Timothy J. Lannan 
1 Alexander Circle 
Methuen, MA 01844 
Karen L. Larsen 
40 Aqueduct Rd. 
. Wayland, MA 01778 


Lisa J Lauretano 
261 Daniels St. 
Franklin, MA 02038 
Bernadette M. Lauth 
144 Harding Ave 
North Adams. MA 
Allan R. Lavelle 
121 Joseph Dr 
Pittsfield, MA 
Thomas P. Lear 
785 Lynn Fells Pk 
Melrose, MA 0Z I 7 
Kenneth J. Lebla 
259 Chestnut St. 
Gardner, MA 01440 
Shelley Lemaire 
23 Commercial St 
Adams, MA 01220 
Kristin A. Letendre 
56 Coronet CireTe/^B 
Feeding Hills, MA 01 
John D. Leydon 
179 High St., P.O. Box 6 
Pembroke, MA 02359 
Marcia A. Lincoln 
28 Lincoln St 
Franklin. MA 
Snsan J. Li 
65 Thalia Q 
Feedings ^M M 
Faye MAinqua 
44 MiddUB 
Gloucester MA '!'. 
Denise A. Linskey 
17 Arnold M&M 
Adams, MA 017 
Karen M. Lipski 

>1 Chmura Rd. 
^Hadley, MA 01035 

>usan M. Long 

Gorham Ave, P.O. Box 
Bfyantville, MA 02327 
4 North 

Wendy J 
12 Independem > 
Acton, MA 01720 
Thomas D. Lynch 
14 Bayley St 
Westwood, MA 02090 
Karen A. MacDonald 
37 Hutchinson Rd 
Walpole, MA 02081 
Michael J. Made 
239 Cashing St. 
Hingham, MA 02043 
Richard A. Maclean 
209 Water Row 
Sudbury, MA 01776 
M.itil.ew R Mac William 
2 Heather Ln. 
Walpolo, MA 02081 
Michael R. Maggelet 
P.O. Box 384 
Charlestown, MA 02129 
Kenneth D. Mahar 
Red Mill Rd. 
Rensselaer, NY 12144 



Elizabeth A. Malone 
685 Revere Beach Blv 
Revere, MA 01251 
Lee A. Manning 

2 Frost St. 
Framingham. MA 01 

Lisa A. Marquis 

Grove St. 
Braintree. MA U2184 
Charles S. Martin 

27 Washington Ave 

North Adams, MA 01247 

Denise L. Martii 

103 Summer Ave. 

Reading, MA 

Lori T. Martir 

68 Melrose Av 

edham, MA 02 
Robert J. Martin 
- Northridge Rd. 
Westfield. MA 

John M. Massimiano 

62 River view West 
Pittsfieid. MA 01201 
Christopher J. Mattoon 
32 Sterling Dr. 
Easthampton, MA 01027 
Gary McAndrews 

60 Church St. 

orth Adams, MA 01247 
Edmund S. McCormack 
219 Church St 
North Adams, MA 012 
Judey McGlnnis 
830 Main St. 
Hanson, MA 02S41 
James M. McGowan 
151 Walnut St. 
Bran, tree MA 02184 
Tracy L. Mcllwrath 
11 Hillside Ave. 
Westford. MA 01886 
William G. Mcllwrath 
1 1 Hillside Ave. 
Westford. MA 01886 
James B. Mclntyre 

Williamstown, MA 01267 

Kevin M. McKenna ^ 

6 Sweetser Ave. 
Reading, MA 
Helen McLell 

252 Speen St 

N.itu k, MA 

Richard J. McPhee 


FramipBam, MA 01 
Micjtael J. McQuee 
ving Dr. 

Ipole, MA 02081 
rederick D. Meczywor 
82 Orchard St. 
Adams, MA 01220 
Sandra L. Melanson 
4 Franklin St. 
eadmy, MA 01867 
Patrlak I). Melia 

m Blulf. MA 02065 


Christina L. 

North St. 

Cheshire, MA 012; 

Andrea J Michaud 

42 Rocky Re. 

Whirtinsville, MA 015F3 

Michael B. Middleton 

P.O. Box 212 

Ocean Park ME 040^3 

Michelle D. Middleton 

21 Woodsl.ia Rd. 

Sudbury, MA 01776 

Barbara Mills 

14 Allen St 

Arlington, MA 02174 

Annemarie Minnucci 

23 Bellridge Dr. 

Shrewsbury. MA 01545 

Peter Mirante 

67 North St. 

orth Adams, MA 01247 
Richard A. Monteleone 

17 Baystate Rd. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Timothy C. Montgomery 
Kirk St. 

Housatonic, MA 01236 
Charlene S. Moody-Dura 
47 Circular Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01021 
Betsy F. Morris 
197 Shawsheen Rd. 
Andover, MA 01810 
Emily A. Morris 
2 q 2 Cross St 
Stoughton, MA 020 
Karen A. Mori is 
520 Old Town Way 
Hanover, MA 02339 
Peter J. Morris 
15Vz Perry St. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Lori A. Morse 
54 Mountain Ave. 
Norwood, MA 02062 
Steven A. Mullan 
27 Appletree Ln 
Leominster. MA 01453 
Leanne Murdock 
42 Mid Iron Dr 
North Reading, MA 01804 
Melanie A. Murphy 
818 strattor Rd. 
Wiltounst w, MA 01267 
Michnel I). Murphy 

High St.. P.O Bo*30 
ydenville, MA 01 

Walter J. Myattc 

023 West St 
Wrentham. MA 
Jan P. Myskowski 

18 Andn 

Littleton. MA 01 
Bettina M. Nadeau 
1 l l » Est) 
Springfield. MA 01104 

Fadt G. Nejaimr 

Church Si 
Stockbridyc. MA 



Michael D. Nicklaw 
P.O. Box 2524 
Pittsfield, MA 01202 
Richard R. Noel 
1481 Mass Ave. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Michael J. Norton 
130 Madison Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Stephen Norton 
E-35 Southpoint Dr. 
Sandwich, MA 02563 
Susan E. Noyes 
268 East St. 
Lenox, MA 01240 
Kathleen A. O'Brien 
34 Walnut St. 
Reading, MA 01867 
Patricia A. O'Brien 
121 Ashton Ave. 
North Adams, MA - 1247 
Stephen T. O'Brien 
253 Weston St. 
Wellesley, MA 02181 
Brian D. O'Connell 
81 Perry St. 
Brookline. MA 02146 
Elizabeth A. O'Keefe 
87 Suffield St. 
Agawam, MA 01001 
Susan M. Oliminski 

41 California Ave. 
Springfield, MA 01118 
Peter A. O'Neill 
5 Wilfred Ave. 
Adams, MA 01220 
Michael C. Ovitt 
Cook Rd. 

Sheffield, MA 01257 

Lucie I. Parenteau 

20 Lafayette St. 

Bellingham, MA 02019 

John J. Pasquale 

12 Hickory Ln. 

North Reading, MA 01864 

Brian E. Perry 

23 Morton St. 

W. Springfield, MA 01089 

Terri J. Piantoni 

462 N. Houghton St. 

Clarksburg, MA 01247 

Andrew E. Pierce 

373 Andover St. 

Georgetown, MA 01833 

John F. Pitts 

27 Blackington St. 

North Adams, MA 01247 

Kenneth P. Player 

42 Glendale Rd. 
Quincy, MA 02169 
Mary L. Polastri 
207 Allengate Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
John M. Porter 

P.O. Box 31, Royer Rd. 
Heath, MA 01346 
Jeffrey T. Pratt 
217 '^stern Ave. 

MA 01085 


Cheryl H. Price 

9 Gaslight Ln. 
N. Easton, MA 02356 
Ricardo H. Quarti 
8 Mclean Rd. 
Saugus, MA 01906 
Richard J. Quinlan 

17 Mohawk St. 
Danvers, MA 01923 
Patricia A. Quinn 
67 Boyce St. 
Auburn, MA 01501 
Robert G. Rabil 
408 River St. 

North Adams, MA 01247 
Anthony B. Raimer 
108 N. Summer St. 
Adams. MA 01220 
Donald J. Renaud 
38 Theresa Terrace 
Lee, MA 01238 
Karen M. Reynolds 
22 Dwight St. 
Dalton, MA 01226 
Jean Ann Rice 

18 Burr Dr. 4 
Dalton, MA 01226 
Ronald W. Rice 
Willow Cove 
Cheshire, MA 01225 
Diane E. Robbins 

I 126 Picnic 

JBaxborough, MA 01719 
Virginia Mae Roberts 
16 Brook St. 

^|atick, MA 01760 
William R. Robinson 
25 E. Orchard Terrace 
Adams, MA 01220 
Kimberly A. Rochford 
658 Western Ave. 
Magnolia, MA 01930 

Theresa M. Rodrigues 

14 Ensign Ave. 

Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Gregory T. Rondeau 

204 Lincoln St. 

Franklin, MA 02038 

Jennifer A. Rood 
^Lpid Nugent Farm Rd. 

Gloucester, MA 01930 

R. Scott Round 

31 Enmore St. 

Andover, MA 01810 
Stephen P. Rourke 
®4 Greenfield St. 
FLawrence, MA 01843 
.Lisa M. Ryan 

P.O. Box 1032 

North Adams, MA 01247 

Timothy J. Ryan 

263 S. Central Ave. 

Quincy, MA 01270 

Howard A. Samel 

19 Tarconic St. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Keith H. Sampson 

61 Hattertown Rd. 
Newton, CT 0647( 


Maryanne E. Santelli 

23 Hermon Ave. 
North Adams, MA 01247 
Regina L. Saracino 
245 Hugh St. 
Agawam, MA 01001 
Christine L. Sarkisian 
159 Chandler Rd. 
Andover, MA 01810 
Laura A. Savina 
P.O. Box 835 
Eastham, MA 02642 
Jamie R. Scalese 
21 Little Pond Rd. 
Belmont. MA 02178 
Cristina T. Scalet 
68 Edgelawn Ave. 
N. Andover, MA 01845 
Marsha M. Schenck 
91 Cole Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Claire I. Schramm 
P.O. Box 353 
Harvard, MA 01451 
Mark A. Sennott 

10 Douglas Rd. 
Lexington, MA 02173 
Judith A. Shaffer 
5 Ridge Ave. 
Natick, MA 01760 
Diane D. Shambo 
214 Burke Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 0121 
Laurie J. Shannon 
42 Converse Ave. 
Maiden, MA 0214! 
Dwayne A. Sharpy 
414 North St. 
Feeding Hills, MA 01030 
Daniel P. Sherman 

39 Morin St. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Jennifer S. Sherman 
42 Ridge Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Linda S. Shottes 

11 Rosedale Ave. 

N. Andover, MA 01845 

Laurie A. Silvia 

P.O. Box 1788 

Duxbury, MA 02331 ^^^_ 

Gale A. Simm 

16 Hardwick Rd. 

Natick, MA 01760 

Loraine F. Simmons 

25 Mallard Way 

Burlington, MA 01803 

Cynthia A. Simons 

12 Forest Rd. j^^ 
Belchertown, MA 010( 7 

Brian D. Skowronski 
326 Highland Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Cheryl A. Smith 
21 Springside Ave. 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Karen E. Smith 
67 Adams St. 
Holliston, MA 01746 






Karen L. Snow 

80 Llewellyn Dr. 
Westfield, MA 01085 
Jill M. Snyder 
156 Cross St. 
Stoughton, MA 02072 
Jayne E. Stanley 
19 Franklin St. 
Marblehead, MA 01945 
Peter A. Steeves 
17 Park Rd. 
Franklin. MA 02038 
David E. Steiner 
166 Luce Rd. 
Williamstown, MA 01267 
Andrew T. Stewart 
P.O. Box 402, 2338 Main 
Barnstable, MA 02630' 
Thomas A. Stewart 
8 Ginley Rd. 
Walpole, MA 02081 
Tracey A. Stingley 
2 Brigham St. 
Medway, MA 02053 
Barbara E. Stoddard 
452 Pomeroy Ave. 
Pittsffeld, MA 01201 
Mary E. Sugden 
29 John St. 
Williamstown, MA 01267 

Laurie E. Sullivan 
96 Hampstead Place 
Athol, MA 01331 
Mark T. Sullivan 
16 Brookside Dr. 
Foxboro, MA 02035 
John F. Sullivan Jr. 

65 Elliot St. I 
Marshfield, MA 02050 
Stephen O. Sutton 

76 Cornflower Dr. 

W. Springfield, MA 01089 

Christina L. Swain 

14 Evergreen Rd. 

Reading, MA 01867 

Tracy Sweeney 

66 BarehlU Rd. 
Topsfield, MA 01983 
Georgia I. Swett 

4 Hickey St. 

E. Rochester, NH 03867 

Cheryl A. Table 

1418 Worcester St. 

Indian Orchard, MA 01151 

Diane L. Talios 

7 Stonebridge Circle 

Natick, MA 01760 

Bryan C. Tardif 

33 Baldpate Rd. 

Georgetown, MA 01833 

Mark H. Tashjian 

155 Broadway 

Haverhill, MA 01830 

Jeffrey L. Terban 

83 Thayer Circle 
Randolph, MA 02368 
Steven K. Teto 

10 Tilton Ave. 
Lunenburg, MA 01462 

Jeffrey J. Thomas 

428 Tinkham Rd. 
Springfield, MA 01129 
Diane M. Tietgens 
6 Scenic Dr. 
Westminster, MA 01473 

Theresa M. Towne 

129 Maquan St. 
Hanson, MA 02341 
Pamela J. Troy 
4 Paulette Dr. 
Danvers, MA 01923 
Joan M. Tuberosa 
37 Lake Warren Dr. 
Littleton, MA 01460 
Bonnie J. Turpin 
P.O. Box 142 
Rockland, MA 02370 
Colby A. Tuttle 
P.O. Box 443 
Warren, MA 01083 
Eligio Valdes 
884 Worthington St. 
Springfield, MA 01105 
Susan A. Valliere 
46 Miller St. 
Southwick, MA 01077 
Jon M. Vanuni 
4 Woodlawn Ave 
North Adams, MA 012^ 
Tammy L. Verock 

45 Hudson Rd. ^ N 
Stow, MA 01775 
Stephen H. Villett 
25 Lee St. ^ 
Salem, MA 01970 

Maria T. Vinciguerra 

11 Paul Rd. 
Maynard, MA 01754 
Thomas A. Viscuso 
32 Rose Terrace 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Lisa A. Wagner 

17 North St. 
Granby, MA 01033 
Beth B. Wallin 

46 Brenton Terrace 
Pittsfield, MA 01201 
Karen F. Walsh 

13 Franklin St. 

Medway. MA 02053 

Amy H. Ward 

21 Cherry St. 

North Adams, MA 01247 

Colin S. Ward 

19 Old Stagetop Village 

Marshfield, MA 02050 


Mark A. Warner 

83 Foothill Ave. 

Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Barbette A. Warren 

494 Abby Rd. 

S. Windsor, CT 06074 

Mark E. Warren 

144 Plunkett St. 

Lenox, MA 01240 

Atsuko Watanabe 

504 Church St. 

North Adams, MA 

Robert J. Webb 

58 Dunster 

Bedford, MA 01730 

Kimberly Webster 

Rill Magnolia Ave. 

Magnolia, MA 01930 

Deina Weln 

1 Whispering Hill Rd. 

Wobern, MA 01801 

Lori Weinstock 

40 Westlake Rd.^ 

Natick, MA 01760 

Scott Weller^ ^^^ 

1 R Pleasant St. 

Rockport, MA 01966 

Roberta Weitzler 

56B Beaver Park Rd 

Framingham, MA 0170] 

Kurt Wenzel III 

748 South Street 

Holbrook, MA 02343 

Richard Whitaker 

28 Redington Rd. 

Needham, MA 02192 

Raymond Wholley 

133 Wachusett St. 

Springfield. MA 01118 

Laurel Wightman 

47 Carter St. 

Newbury port, MA 01950 

Kevin Winslow 

90 Baystate Rd. 

Pittsfield, MA 01201 

Virginia Wohler 

25 Berwick PI. 

Norwood, MA 02062 

Robbin Wolkin 

5 Jackson St. 

Beverly, MA 01915 

Catherine Wright 

68 Sandini Rd. 

Marlboro, MA 01752 

Tina Wright 

28 N W ST. 

Feeding Hills. MA 01030 

Brenda Yovan 

L'O Box 9 
Charlton MA 01! 
Judith Zanelli 
Devon K 
Lee, MA 0123S 


1987 . . . 

to the 

CLASS OF 1987 

Best Wishes 

Good Luck! 
















THANK YOU . . . 

The Yearbook Staff wishes to acknowledge our indebtedness to several members of the NASC community whose 
assistance in gathering information greatly enhanced our efforts to create a thorough and interesting yearbook. 

Special Thanks to: 

Athletic Office (Cynthia Tatro), Tom Auclair, Karen Bacon, The Beacon, Dana Biscotti, Bonnie Bishoff, Jim 
Botsch, Bill Caprari, Glenn Cassis, Coachs Sue Getchell, John Quattrocchi, Bill Turner, and Ron Shewcraft, 
Dianne Collins, Mary Coughlin, Faculty and Administration (for posing candidly), Kathleen Finn, Fraternities 
(Larry Biondo, Jeff Chandler, Stephen Coffey, Jim McGowan), George Galli, Jeanne Filiault and the I-M Staff, 
Don Gauthier, Becky George, Gail Grandchamp, Dana Kendall, Jerry Leon, Anne-Marie Minnucci, Newman 
Association, Non-Traditional Student Organization, Bob O'Brien, Leon Peters, Rick Quinlan, Registrar's Office, 
Judy Schaffer, SID Office (John Quattrocchi, Steve Sutton, and Bill Johnson), Sororities (Kappa girls, Joan Tub- 
erosa, Lisa Marquis), T.V. Club, Maria Vinciquerra, Karen Walsh, and WJJW (Joe Flynn and Matt Angeli). 

We would also like to thank Mrs. Ellen Plageman of Lenox Kites, Lenox, MA for her inspiring theme and the 
use of her kites for our introduction section. 

And to Carla Parker, our sincere appreciation.